The Truly Nostalgic Bath & Body Works Scents Editors *Still* Vouch For

A vivid memory I have from my middle school years is heading to the mall with my friends (mini backpack in tow and butterfly clips in my hair). We would hang out for hours, getting snacks at the food court, trying clothes on at Wet Seal, Abercrombie, and Forever 21, and then, of course, making our way to Bath & Body Works to douse ourselves in fragrance, lotion, and more. Even though I had a whole set of body products at home, I'd still find something new to buy. I had to get something for the next school dance or hangout, okay? If any of this mirrors your own middle school experience—those were the days, right?

While a lot of us might not spend hours at the mall anymore, or even have a bathroom full of Bath & Body Works products, we have to give credit where credit's due. The products are going strong—and the brand has some pretty amazing gems. And the best part is, Bath & Body Works still has some of the scents that a lot of us grew up on. So if you are ever feeling like taking a nostalgic trip down memory line, I would highly suggest spritzing on your favorite classic scent.

Need to jog your memory with what the brand has to offer? I asked my fellow editors to share their absolute favorite scents. To say it was super fun to reminisce would be an understatement. Take a look at some of their favorites below and some new ones to keep on your radar.

1. Sweet Pea

"Back in junior high school, I was obsessed with the scent Sweet Pea from Bath & Body Works. I had the perfume, the body lotion, the body spray, the body wash, etc. It was filled with subtle floral scents that made me feel so fresh and so cute."—Lauren Eggertsen, Editorial Director

2. Cucumber Melon

"Cucumber Melon always takes me right back to high school whenever I get a whiff of it. It's definitely refreshing and I wouldn't be opposed to using it as a hand soap or body wash today."—Allyson Payer, Senior Editor

3. Winter Candy Apple

I normally would gravitate towards Cucumber Melon and Juniper Breeze (RIP), but I had this one glittery gel that was apple-flavored that I remember wearing every day one summer. I would slather it on and look all shimmery and glowy. I bet if I got a whiff of the Winter Candy Apple scent today, it would take me back to that summer and going to day camp with my friends.

4. Japanese Cherry Blossom

This timeless fragrance was a popular one back then and it still holds up as a classic scent today. The notes of Japanese cherry blossom, Asian pear, and sandalwood make it an elegant one to wear.

5. Warm Vanilla Sugar

Who can forget about Warm Vanilla Sugar? It just smells so delicious—and I bet it would taste good if it was edible. The scent is so creamy and cozy with notes of vanilla, white orchid, and sparkling sugar.

6. Moonlight Path

Moonlight Path is basically a walk in a lush garden bottled up. It has fresh and sweet notes of jasmine, blue violet, sheer lavender, lily of the valley, and soft musk.

7. Fairytale

For a fruity scent that's still very refreshing, try White Tea and Sage. It has a sticky sweet scent of pomegranate nectar and fresh orange blossom, paired with cozy vanilla and warm amber.

8. Gingham

Crisp and fresh, this fragrance has notes of blue freesia, white peach, fresh clementine, violet, and clean musk. It's definitely a scent that gives off happy, carefree, and optimistic vibes.

9. In the Stars

In the Stars is exactly what you would expect: Dreamy and effervescent. With a blend of starflower, white agarwood, and sandalwood, it's warm, captivating, and fresh all at once.

10. Mahogany Teakwood

You might think Bath & Body Works just has sweet, fruity, and floral fragrances, but the brand also has some grounding scents, too, if that's more of your thing. Mahogany Teakwood is described as "walking in the woodlands," so it's definitely for people who prefer something deep and earthy. It contains fragrance notes of mahogany, black teakwood, and lavender. Technically, it's classified as part of the men's collection, but I say it works for everyone.

This article was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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