This Genius Hack Will Turn Every Perfume Into a Travel-Sized Version

Every time I go on a trip, I spend way more time than I need to trying to figure out my perfume situation. I'm a major fragrance person, and I have upwards of 50 perfumes in my personal collection that I cycle between. In the travel-sized department, however, I'm severely lacking. I also never want to bring my full-sized perfumes on trips for fear of breaking them, even if I did have room in my suitcase. 

NYC dermatologist Ellen Gendler shared a genius hack for anyone who also struggles with figuring out how to pack perfume. In a recent Instagram video, Gendler showed how to use mini tubs of Vaseline to turn any scent you have into something you can throw in any bag. 

To make your own mini perfume, the first thing you need to do is boil water so that it's warm enough to liquify the Vaseline (you don't need it piping hot!). Once the Vaseline is melted, spritz in some of your favorite perfume. Gendler uses four sprays, but you can make it as concentrated as you want. Mix in the fragrance, then pop it in the fridge until the Vaseline is solid again. 

Once the Vaseline is solid, you can take it with you anywhere—throw it in your work bag, take it on an airplane, bring it with you on a night out. Perfume also lasts longer on moisturized skin, so this hack might also make your perfumes last longer thanks to Vaseline's occlusive benefits. Keep reading for the perfumes we're doing this with first. 

Key Notes: Oud, saffron, plum, praline

Byredo's newest fragrance is equal parts mysterious and playful thanks to its contrasting notes.

Key Notes: Amber, bergamot, white musk

Dedcool Xtra Milk is the most wearable, creamy skin scent. 

Key Notes: Vanilla absolute, white tulip, black amber

Vanilla perfumes are having a major moment, and this is one of the most wearable versions of the scent. 

Key Notes: Orange blossom, damascena rose, grandiflorum jasmine

Dior's latest warm floral garners tons of compliments, guaranteed. 

Key Notes: Myrrh essence, sandalwood, vanilla accord

Tom Ford's new myrrh-forward perfume adds the perfect woodsy touch.

Key Notes: Cherry, saffron, vanilla

Cherry scents can lean saccharine, but this one is endlessly wearable. 

Key Notes: Pink pepper, iris, ambrox

This ultra-personal perfume smells slightly different (but just as alluring) on everyone. 

Key Notes: Clove oil, chestnut accord, vanilla accord

This warm, spicy fragrance will make you feel like you just spent your day at a ski lodge.