I Used to Get My Eyebrows Done Every 2 Weeks—Here's How I'm Doing Them at Home

I'm not sure what it is about me, but let me tell you, my eyebrow hair grows fast (like really, really fast). Ever since I could remember my brows have been super thick (an esthetician once told me they were her dream canvas) and in need of constant attention. Since I started getting them waxed in middle school, I've had to get them done every two weeks to keep them up, with the occasional plucking in-between visits. (I know it's frowned upon—please don't @ me.) I recently found a threading salon near my apartment that kept my brows in tip-top shape. (Threading is typically more affordable than waxing, and since I go so often, it's perfect for my budget.) But then the lockdown started, and I found myself in quite the dilemma: My hair has continued to grow like crazy, and I have nowhere to go for help.

Instead of letting my brows grow back to their original caterpillar-like state, I decided to jump into action for the sake of Zoom calls, the front-facing camera on my phone (I take a ridiculous amount of selfies), and most importantly, my boyfriend, who sees me every day in quarantine. Luckily, there was a brief stint in college when I became savvy at doing my own brows, so I dug up some old products (plus, ordered a lot of new ones) and got to work. And I must say, I've made them look pretty decent. Want to know what I'm using? Keep scrolling for my go-to items for my eyebrows, plus 15 other at-home hair-removal essentials you'll definitely want to add to your cart.

For my brows:

No, these are not the face wax strips, but they work just as well. I already had these lying around before quarantine, so instead of buying a whole new pack of face strips, I just cut these babies into slivers. They still worked like magic. When waxing myself, I don't get too close to my brows for fear that I'll ruin their shape (I'm no pro!), but I follow up with tweezers right after.

These have been my go-to tweezers for years now. They're affordable and get the job done.

These tweezers are a bit more pricey, but they're worth it. Sometimes when I can't get that one stubborn hair, these step in as my knight in shining armor. They keep my eyebrows looking sharp.

I'm usually a little too lazy to use these stencils, but let me tell you, Anastasia Soare knows her stuff. When I feel like being a little extra, I'll use them to shape my brows and give myself a little bit more of an arch than my esthetician would appreciate.

My eyebrows are pretty full, but I have two random tiny patches that always need filling, so I use this growth serum to help.

My eyebrow hairs get long, so I usually have to trim them every couple weeks.

I have so many video calls (and reasons to take selfies), so I always put on brow gel when I start the day.

Usually when I get my eyebrows threaded, my esthetician puts aloe vera on a cotton ball and massages my face with it. It always feels so good, so I bought some gel and started mimicking the process when I waxed them myself. This bottle has come in handy for a lot of other skin irritations as well.

Similar to the aloe vera, I always ask for this toner after an eyebrow-threading session. It helps with irritation and breakouts post hair removal. Just dab a little on a cotton ball and swipe on your face!

Have you ever gotten wax in the hair on your head? It's actually the worst. Not only are these headbands so cute and make me feel like I'm at an actual spa, but they also keep all the hair out of my face when I have wax in hand.

Other at-home hair-removal essentials I love:

If you're thinking to yourself, I feel like I've seen this before, it's because you have. It's been on the feed of every fashion girl's IG and for good reason. Not only is the chic packaging enough to make you want to immediately add it to your vanity (who thought I'd ever feel this way about a body-hair oil?), but it's also kind of a miracle worker. It softens the hair post-wax and clears the pores so there's less of a chance of getting ingrown hairs.

I just ordered this and am a little scared of it. I know I should be accustomed to the pain (I have been getting my eyebrows threaded on the reg for goodness sakes), but something about this screams pain to me. If used correctly, it's supposed to flawlessly pull off all your little hair and leave you with smooth skin.

You can use this on your face or your body—it doesn't matter. It's all-natural and leaves your skin feeling so smooth.

Another magical product from Fur! You can use this every day to prevent ingrown hairs, bumps, and razor burns. It's basically a chic aftershave.

As much as my boyfriend claims he can't see it (thanks for trying to be nice, babe), I have a mustache. Before the lockdown, I would get this situation threaded when I went into my salon, but nowadays, I just quickly zap it off with this little kit. It only takes like three rips to get everything off.

I am obsessed with this wax kit. I started using this about 10 years ago when I was in high school. It's a little extra (you have to warm the wax in a pot every time you want to use it) and does require a little bit of practice, but once you get it down, you'll be hooked. You can save so much money on salon trips by investing in one of these!

I started using these years ago, and they've really never let me down. When I miss some hair after using my GiGi kit, instead of setting it all up again, I just take one of these out for a quick touch-up. 

This little serum is very beneficial for post-wax irritation. I seriously never look red after using it.

Goodbye redness and irritation. Yet another Fur product that really just hits the mark.

I have yet to push the purchase button on this, but it's been in my cart for a while. I have a love-hate relationship with lasers. While they always claim to be painless, I have never had that experience with them. But I love the idea of getting rid of my hairs forever!

I used to use Veet all the time, but over the years, my skin has gotten a bit more sensitive. I like this formula because it's easy on the skin and leaves my body feeling super-soft when I'm too lazy to break out the wax.

Okay, can you tell I have a thing for Fur Skincare? Cool. This exfoliating scrub makes me feel so luxe.

I don't use these a ton, but when I want to get my makeup looking flawless, I shave off my peach fuzz with them.