I'm Not Ashamed of Loving These Polarizing Ankle-Boot Outfits

I'll be the first to admit it: While I might not always be the most adventurous when it comes to my style—I love to stick to my all-black uniform, with a bit of color sprinkled here and there—I do love a good polarizing fashion piece when I see one. Bucket hats are currently at the top of my must-try list (yes, I haven't yet caved but most certainly will this summer), and I'm this close to trying out Bermuda shorts, a pant style I definitely wore more than a handful of times back in the 2000s and will sport, yet again, in summer 2019. Fashion is cyclical, after all. 

So bucket hats, knee-grazing shorts, and last but not least, the below ankle boots with dress outfits might just convince me to toss my black skinnies and tee aside for something a bit more warm-weather friendly. Yep, I've spotted a new frock-and-shoe combo on Instagram as of late, and I'm dying to try it out ASAP. And while sandals may be the official summer shoe, I'm happy to say I'm fairly confident ankle boots are here to stay this season.

Read on to see the ankle-boot outfits that inspired me to step outside of my style comfort zone.

I'm obsessed with this combo—a feminine slip dress paired with hard-edge boots.

Bye sandals, I'm only wearing chunky boots with my LWD this summer.

Cowboy boots are still very much thing for summer 2019.

White sock booties are the unexpected pair-with-everything shoes I'm loving right now.

I'm ready to double up on snakeskin print this summer.

You might want to keep those chunky lace-up combat boots on hand for a bit longer.

Floral dress and white booties? My next vacation outfit.

Metallic boots aren't just for New Year's Eve. They're a year-round thing.

This ankle-boot outfit is comfy and cute.

Take this ankle-boot outfit from day to night in an instant.

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