I Spent 3 Hours on Amazon, Here Are All the Weird Fashion Items I Found

It’s no secret we’ve been scouring Amazon this past week. We prepped you with the most stylish items to score on Prime Day, combed the world's biggest online shopping destination like a French girl, and found lingerie trends you can buy under $20 (to name a few examples). Today, I’m adding to the list of Amazon fashion finds and sharing all the bizarre but super-helpful items you should add to your wardrobe. From the $6 item that will make your bra more comfortable to the $10 product that prevents blisters, there’s truly no limit to what you’ll find on Amazon.

In addition to these “weird” fashion items you can score on the speedy shopping site, you can also shop wardrobe basics like the best white T-shirts to wear with your everyday jeans and stylish accessories to update your closet this season. Keep reading to check out the unique items I’ve found from spending way too much time browsing Amazon below.

These $48 bra inserts are known to lift and enhance (hence the product name).

These little guys will make your bra way more comfortable. 

These socks moisturize and heal your skin, leaving your feet incredibly soft and blister-free.

This chic bikini is available in 13 different colors. 

Available in sizes S to XL.

Our market editor Nicole always packs this $25 steamer when she travels. 

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