What the Chicest 54-Year-Old Is Buying From Amazon for Spring

Ah, spring. Time to reassess the status of our wardrobes and fill up our shopping carts with all the newness that the season brings. With so much inspiration to take in, I'm turning to my trusted sources for what to wear and buy.

I spoke with one of the many chic women I've taken to following on Instagram for style inspiration. Renata Jazdzyk is a 50-something from the UK you've seen wearing all the buzzy street style looks. What I love most about her style is her ability to pick and choose a few key trends to mix into her outfits in a way that feels very edited. Whether she's pulling off roomy denim or test-driving the coolest new brands to hit the fashion world, I always turn to her cool outfits for inspiration on what to wear and, of course, what to buy.

Speaking of the latter, I asked Jazdzyk to share which fashion items are currently residing in her Amazon shopping cart and—surprise—her picks did not disappoint. From the staple jean style she says you can never go wrong with to the few spring trends she's game to try, keep reading to discover the best Amazon clothing for women over 50, according to the chicest one I know.

Tie-Dye Tops

"One of my favorite trends this spring season is tie-dye. We all need a splash of color in our lives, and that's exactly what tie-dye trend does. The moment I saw it on the Proenza Schouler and Prada catwalks, I knew it would be a trend that I will be wearing a lot. It's playful, it's unique, but most importantly, you can combine it with pretty much everything from your wardrobe. I'm planning to wear it with jeans and oversized blazer. On Amazon, you can find lots of different patterns and colors so you can choose which one suits you the best." 

"Ugly" Sneakers

"This is one of the trends that's not going anywhere. It's comfortable, it's fun, and it goes with everything. Although my favorite option is a suit or a flowery dress. You can find an amazing selection of so-called 'ugly' sneakers on Amazon. This season, I will be looking for sneakers with a neon element in them."

Classic Jeans

"Straight-leg jeans are never out of style, and I pretty much live for them! They are essential in my wardrobe. I tend to buy Levi's jeans (in a light blue color), as they always fit me well and because of their quality. I'm so happy to see that Amazon has a big range of Levi's jeans to choose from. All you need is a white shirt, heels, and you are ready to go."

Pleated Pastel Skirt

"Pastel colors on pleated midi skirts is another trend I'm excited about this spring. It can bring a softer feel to the outfit, especially if combined it with other pastel colors, e.g., pastel green, blue, or yellow. I will be wearing it with big chunky knits and strappy sandals."

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