The 19 Fashion Items Fashion Girls Always Buy From Amazon

Finding the best clothes on Amazon can be challenging, and with the amount of inventory the site stocks, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options at your Prime fingertips. Lucky for you, we always have our eye on the Amazon items that are trending and the hidden fashion pieces you can score on the world’s largest shopping destination. In addition to this shopping insight, we also have access to top names in the fashion industry and started a franchise where we find out the items stylists, designers, and influencers buy on the ’zon.

Next up in our shopping series, we have the go-to shopping list of Cydney Morris and Dallas Wand from Stone Cold Fox. The California-based designers, who made this “going-out” top wildly popular and founded one of the most recognizable fashion brands, share everything they rely on from Amazon. Recently, the duo also launched an intimates collection with Stone Cold Fox, so it’s safe to say they’ve been busy, so Amazon’s quick and easy wardrobe updates have undoubtedly come in handy. Shop the founders solid clothing list below.


Courtesy of Cydney Morris


"Fashion tape is a no-brainer, especially when you want to go braless with your favorite SCF dresses."

"Hardly necessary in L.A., but a good pair of sheer black tights is definitely an essential. Throw them on when temps drop, and you're good to go."

"Underwear lines are my biggest pet peeve. Nude/seamless thongs are every girl's best friend."

"I am all about freeing the nipple, but some people aren't. These guys let you do your thing, comfortably." 

"I love to pair our dresses with sneakers and socks. You can never have too many." 


"A definite wardrobe must-have. I stock up on these for all occasions."

"Every girl should have a pair of white sneakers in her closet. These are my go-tos and can dress down any off-duty look."

"I have a ton of classic Levi's. You'll tend to catch me in these paired with one of my fiancé's shirts."

"We're born and raised in Cali and love the beach! It's super important to protect your face from the sun—and you might as well do it in style."


"I stock up on these so I have multiple pairs that way I can wear to the gym and also pair it with a cute graphic tee when I'm on the go."

"Essential for workouts, am I right?"

"I love Pilates, so I'm a huge sucker for good leggings."

"As you can see, I'm a big fan of Nike."

Cold-Weather Accessories

"Okay, so living in California, I have to admit I don't own many cold-weather accessories. I love shopping for these on Amazon because it saves me money and time. I usually snag these before a trip to NYC in the winter."

"These will keep your ears nice and toasty." 

"The perfect layering piece for winter outfits."

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