Okay, Here's What I'd Buy With $50 at All My Favorite Affordable Stores

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Okay, I'm about to share with you the fruits of all of my online shopping labor; I don't do this often, so consider yourself lucky.

…Just kidding, it's basically my job, but this time I'm spilling all the under-$50 items I'd buy right this second from five of my all-time favorite affordable retailers. I don't know about you, but I often find myself in "need" of a little pick-me-up, which ends up being either a $6 latte or an under-$50 impulse buy. And today it was a random assortment among the selection ahead.

Here, I've shared a list of all the things I contemplated buying (some of which actually made the cut) from H&M, Zara, Topshop, & Other Stories, and Urban Outfitters, aka my favorite affordable shopping destinations. In case you too need a mood booster, I recommend you shop my under-$50 picks from the stores you probably love just as much as I do.


I plan on wearing this at least once a week.

My denim drawer may be overflowing, but I'm determined to make room for these.

Always into a vintage-looking sweater.

Is that a cargo skirt? I'll take it. 

& Other Stories

I've made it my mission to step away from only wearing delicate stacking rings. 

How to tackle a "going-out look" when it's cold outside.

I always think I own a black belt, but it turns out I actually don't. That's where this guy comes in. 

This bag style will be huge come spring, so I'm buying it now to feel ahead of the curve.


This one came in just in time for the holidays. 

These beige trousers will make all of my chunky sweaters feel so much more loved. 

^^^ Exactly how I plan on styling this sweater.

Note to self: Re-create all of these fall Zara looks ASAP.


Finally, an evening bag that won't leave me broke.

Might not be practical for the winter in NYC, but I'm adding it to my cart anyway. 

Still leaning into the pistachio trend. 

I'm a sucker for crewneck sweatshirts. 

Urban Outfitters

Convinced this shoe style will never fade.

Because all of the blacks and browns in my wardrobe could use some new life.

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