I'm a 54-Year-Old Stylist, and I Think These Accessories Will Enhance Your Look

A solid look is often not complete without the perfect accessories. While everyone certainly defines "perfect" differently based on personal style, Roz Kaur thinks a few key accessories can really help take a wardrobe to the next level.

You may be already familiar with Kaur, the 54-year-old stylist who has an Instagram feed filled with some of the most inspiring looks. Age clearly has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn't wear, but her more experienced fashion point of view is just always so intriguing. On that note, she recently shared with us the items in her wardrobe that she truly cherishes and offered her insights on those extra details that she thinks will add even more style to your look.

Below, you'll uncover more intel from Kaur on how she uses some of her favorite accessories to make her outfits feel unique. You'll also find beautiful visual inspiration and a smattering of shopping picks in case you're interested in adding one of Kaur's go-tos into your wardrobe.

1. Straw Hats

On Kaur: Anthropologie hat

"To me, a hat is an ultimate piece to anchor every summer outfit, and the two I cannot live without right now are the supersized straw hat and the classic brimmed hat."

On Kaur: Çaplait sandals

"A freshly picked pair of sandals is a must to show off a fresh pedi. Feminine and boho-chic, I'm loving both the simplicity and the luxurious diversion toward contemporary styling of this pair of sandals by Çaplait in a pink-and-gold color palette."

On Kaur: Sandrine France necklace

"I love to pile on jewelry in the summer and personalize my own with chains and charms of my choice. I'm forever experimenting and then wearing mine day in and day out, everywhere and anywhere."

4. Easy Bags

On Kaur: Anthropologie bag

"Whether I'm heading to the farmers market to buy lemons, fresh bread, artisanal cheese, and local honey or just running errands around town, my breezy bag is a go-to for all my warm-weather essentials."

5. Printed Scarves and 6. Statement Sunglasses

"I love adding a bit of vintage-inspired sophistication and detail to my summer outfit with a scarf tied around my head. A perfect print in a luxe, silky texture transforms any outfit in a flash. Of course, it's always fun to include some shades to shield the sun and make any outfit more interesting."