Megan Fox *Finally* Let Us in on Her Skincare Secrets—This Is the Buzzy Serum She Swears By

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Call me easily influenced, but any time a celebrity (especially one like Megan Fox) reveals their skincare secrets, my ears tend to perk up. Recently, I really sat up a little straighter when I was scrolling on Instagram and my eagle eye spotted a comment Fox wrote to someone on her Instagram post, detailing a bit more about her skincare routine. This is major because honestly, Fox is pretty tight-lipped about what she uses most days. Believe me, I've gone down quite a few Google holes trying to find out because the woman has pretty perfect skin. To my surprise (and delight), I discovered that Fox has a brand in her arsenal that I've also been using lately, Plated Skin Science.

A screenshot of comments on Megan Fox's Instagram about her skincare routine. An Instagram user asked, "What face products do you use for your skin?" and Fox's response reads, "plated, osmosis, la mer."

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Plated has gained popularity among celebrity aestheticians and makeup artists like Jo Baker, who used the brand's Daily Serum on Sandra Huller to give her a glow for the Oscars. The brand utilizes a buzzy ingredient called exosomes, which promote glowing, youthful skin. To give you the TL;DR, exosomes are vesicles that skin cells naturally secrete. They contain important growth factors, RNA, and other things that skin cells need to function. Plated calls its specific type of exosomes "Renewosome" technology, which is infused with a growth factor complex and potent antioxidants that protect the skin against environmental stressors.

The brand currently carries two serums, Intense Serum ($268) and Daily Serum ($268). I'm not totally sure which one Fox uses, but since the Intense Serum is designed to be used for a shorter period of time (containing the brand's highest concentration of exosomes), she most likely uses the daily option.

As recommended by the brand, I started with the Intense Serum. After you finish one bottle of this, the brand recommends continuing with its Daily Serum for continued maintenance. For starters, I know this is an expensive product—growth factor– and exosome-rich products often are, unfortunately. I am, however, always an advocate for high-end skincare as long as it works. I can definitely report that I've seen a positive difference in my skin after using the Intense Serum for a month. I've been struggling with breakouts, dehydration, and skin barrier damage, and for the first time in a while, my skin is starting to look fresh and healthy again.

This serum really helps speed up wound healing, which is key if you're dealing with acne. I did a series of chemical peels recently, so I've been experiencing a lot of skin purging, but this serum has made a huge difference. Not only does it help fade dark spots, but it also helps reduce the redness and inflammation breakouts can bring. Additionally, my skin has more of a glow to it and I've noticed an improvement in my deep laugh lines. I'm excited to see how my skin looks after finishing a bottle of the Intense Serum. After that, I'll move on to the Daily Serum.

While I don't know the exact products Fox uses from the other brands mentioned above (Osmosis Skincare and La Mer), I've included a few hero products from each below that you can shop too!

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