We Asked Pros at Sephora to Prioritize 2019's 5 Biggest Beauty Trends

For us, the joy we get from walking into a gleaming black-and-white-lacquered Sephora store is probably similar to how a 5-year-old feels walking into a Disneyland—magical, exciting, and pretty darn transportive. True, there are now countless beauty retailers popping up on every corner with unique angles and niche target audiences, but, in our humble opinion, Sephora will always have the X factor.

First of all, there's the fact that out of Sephora's impressive selection of 25,000+ products, there's something for everyone—the fragrance fanatic, the clean skincare enthusiast, even the budget shopper. What's more, those "somethings" will undoubtedly be the best of the best thanks to Sephora's ultra-careful curation process and an amazing team of experts (from HQ to in-store) to help lead the way. 

Recently, we introduced you to Sephora's amazing beauty director, Myiesha Sewell, who in addition to divulging the very enticing contents of her Sephora shopping cart also shared some intel on the biggest trends on her 2019 beauty radar. (After all, she knows what's coming down the product, brand, and trend pipeline way before we do—even as editors!) We also tapped Sephora Collection National Makeup Artist Helen Phillips to weigh in as well. Inspired by the latest and greatest launches from the most in-demand beauty brands and the wishes and wants from their very own clientele (aka you, as Sephora shoppers!), they've created a master beauty trend report for 2019 and beyond. Here, every trend you need to know plus the products you'll need to take each trend for a test-drive. Keep scrolling!

1. Head-to-Toe Glow


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"Head-to-toe glow has been the standard on the red carpet for many years, and now the trend is easily achievable for an everyday look," says Sewell. "We definitely saw a resurgence with this trend in 2018 when Fenty Beauty's already-iconic Lava Body Luminizer launched, and the obsession hasn't died down—other brands like Huda Beauty and Patrick Ta are jumping into the trend with their newest product debuts.

"A makeup artist secret is wearing all black and then jazzing up your look with a new lipstick or eye shadow," Sewell explains. "Now, we can accessorize our skin—it's like customizable body jewelry, and brands are releasing unique colors and formulations to suit everyone's needs and skin tones." That said, as any beauty insider will tell you, skin prep is of utmost importance if you're going to be trying out the body glow trend. (In other words, ready yourself to exfoliate and hydrate the eff out of your skin.)

Sewell specifically recommends the Josie Maran and Kopari picks included below for ultimate skin prep and has one last tip before trying out the trend for yourself—don't forget your face! "This trend is also about cohesion, so don't forget about your complexion," she warns. "Spray formulas like Patrick Ta's reflect so much light that it's a perfect pairing for a luminous body glow."

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2. Ultra-Bright Shadows


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"Since many of us have learned the basics of eye shadow, I think we're ready to turn it up a notch!" Sewell shares. "Our clients have asked to see more variety and vibrancy in their eye shadow palettes, and brands are listening. We've been seeing a lot of brightly colored shadows hitting the market from well-loved brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Jouer Cosmetics, and Violet Voss."

According to Sewell, there's a misconception that bright colored eye shadow equates to a rainbow eye, but she says the most effortless way to wear a colorful eye shadow is to actually keep it simple. (No need for intimidation, folks!)

"A single shade washed across the lids paired with fluttery lashes is stunning," she explains. "One of my signature looks is a matte powder blue or seafoam green eye shadow paired with a winged liner. I love using both Sephora Collection Colorful Eyeshadows and its Colorful Shadow Liner in Let It Snow. There are so many bright and fun colors to choose from, and they are so compact that you can easily take them on the go. I keep everything else on my face to a minimum and really let the color speak for itself. This trend is the true definition of minimum effort and maximum impact."

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3. Your Lips, But Better


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"Lately, we've seen an interest in nude lips that mimic actual lip colors instead of the beige-nude we're used to thinking of," explains Sewell. "People are really craving that effortless look, and I always find that I get the most inquiries about my makeup when I'm wearing a sheer, simple lip color. Some of my favorite lipsticks right now are the Sephora Collection Rouge Laquer, the Sephora Collection Melting Lip Clicks, and the Yves Saint Laurent Volupté Tint-In-Balm. They all have amazing nude shades that are super hydrating."

As Sewell explains, amping up your natural lip color instantly adds an extra dose of freshness and polish to your makeup aesthetic, while still only requiring minimal effort. (Ahem, a strategy that's music to our ears.) She recommends opting for sheerer formulas, which will involve less work and maintenance since your natural lip color will show through on its own.

"Bare Minerals has also done a great job with their Gen Nude Buttercream Lip-gloss ($19)," adds Sewell. "The colors mimic naturally flushed lips, and the texture of the gloss can go from subtle to high-shine, and if I want even more gloss and volume, I love using the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer Plumping Gloss on top. As long as you stick to sheer, there's no secret formula that you must follow to find flattering shades—lip colors will adapt to you!"

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4. Go Clean and Glow Healthy

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"Self-care and simultaneously caring for Mother Earth are what everyone is talking about right in the beauty sphere," shares Phillips. "Toting around products that not only are good for you but good for the planet is something we want to share with our clients. Sephora Collection just launched a new skincare line that is entirely clean and very affordable. The Ultra Glow Serum has some of the best brightening ingredients (vitamins C + E) and works well under any moisturizer to give yourself a natural boost of glow. A few of my other favorites are the Brightening Eye Cream and the Nourishing Moisturizer. I've been using both post-serum every day and find them to be so light and hydrating on my skin."

"As far as wellness, I've been taking the Moon Juice SuperYou Daily Stress Supplements since it launched, and they are a game changer," she shares. "They have adaptogens that lower cortisol levels and can help manage stress, energy, and mood disturbances."

"Gummies are another delicious way to get your vitamins and minerals and with the new launch of Sephora Collection x Olly ($15), it's never been easier to have your cake and eat it too. The flavors are unique and super tasty, and target a variety of beauty concerns for skin, hair, and beauty sleep."

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5. The False Flutter


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"This year's Camp Met Gala theme brought a lot of unique and artistic lash ideas that are over the top but so fun," shares Phillips. "That said, if you are reluctant to try on the lash trend for yourself, fear not—there are false lashes and tools for every eye shape and preference of drama."

"The Sephora Collection False Lash Tool Kit has everything you need to apply the perfect lash—an applicator that helps you place the lashes, scissors to trim the lashes, glue, and a dual-sided tool that helps you apply the glue. I also like Surratt Beauty's Relevee Eyelash Curler because it gives an amazing curl to your own lashes, which will help them to blend flawlessly with the falsies. Below, I'm sharing the three recommended styles from natural to dramatic."

According to Phillips, the Sephora Collection Luxe False Lashes are made of natural fiber, which gives them a natural-looking finish. Plus, they're less shiny than most, which instantly makes them look more believable. Since they aren't too shiny, they blend in with natural hair the best. She loves the style "Plume" for a natural fluffy fuller lash.

For the ultimate finishing touch, Phillips recommends using a liquid liner to help hide the adhesion point of your falsies. "The Sephora Collection Hotline Brush Tip Liquid Liner is demi-matte, easy to use, and MEGA waterproof. It has a brush tip that allows for precision, and liner that won't skip or peel."

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