What 6 Cool Fashion Girls Would Buy at Sephora With $50

When double-tapping through our favorite fashion influencers' Instagram feeds, we can't help but notice that some of their beauty games seem to be really strong. Sure, we come to Sabina Socol for her chic Parisian 'fits, but her effortlessly wavy hair is equally intriguing. And, yeah, Claire Most boasts some of our favorite streetwear styling on the internet, but her flawless skin and fantastic hair deserve just as much recognition.

In an effort to decode the beauty vibes of some of the coolest fashion girls of 2019, we tapped six influencers and asked them all one simple question: If we gave you $50 to spend at Sephora on whatever you wanted, what would you buy? Keep scrolling to see their 11 hair, makeup, and skincare picks.

Claire Most

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The first choice for this laidback Parisian living in Amsterdam was easy: Fenty's liquid concealer, which is long-wearing but lightweight and crease-proof and comes in a whopping 50 shades.  

At $24, Milk's dewy highlighter stick was the perfect next pick. Swirly two fingers in this stuff and then tap it on your cheekbones, Cupid's bow, bridge of the nose, eyelids, and inner corners of the eyes to look glowy and lit from within—but not sparkly.

Yasmin Geurts

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This model on the rise has savvy-as-hell taste in beauty products. Proof: This organic and pure oil, which is packed with linoleic acid and pro-vitamin A—ingredients proven to reduce the signs of aging. Talk about $10 dollars very well spent. 

Yasmin owes her plump, popsicle-stained pout to Pat McGrath's super-hydrating lip balm in Wild Cherry, which nourishes the lips while leaving a sheer wash of red color.

Courtnee Ruth Crews

This trend-forward fashion girl would spend her 50 bucks on just one thing: her favorite concealer. "Nars is the best formula and blends perfectly," she says. "I put it under my eyes for a fresh 'I got a full eight hours and drink plenty of water' look. Even when I’m running errands, I put a little bit under my eyes and dab on a little blush to look awake and ready for the day."

Débora Rosa

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Sunburn 😎

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Rosa is known for her chic minimalist style, and the same rules apply to her beauty routine. Her first Sephora purchase would be this pack of sheet masks, which she calls her matchless favorite. "It makes my skin instantly hydrated, plumped, and smooth," she says. "Works perfectly with my oily skin without feeling greasy."

Another concealer hit from Nars. Rosa says, "Can't live without this one. Perfect natural coverage and lightweight. I use it before foundation and instantly helps to reduce redness and imperfections so I don't need to use a lot of foundation afterward."

Sabina Socol

French fashion columnist Sabina Socol says one of the keys to her effortless French-girl hair is this secret weapon from Ouai. "I use it every time I wash my hair if I want a naturally wavy effect," she says. "It's actually super easy. I blow dry my hair but not all the way, and then I just texture the ends with my hands and a little bit of product. It makes my hair look naturally wavy when it dries, but it doesn't feel like you have product in your hair."

To achieve her naturally full-looking brows, Socol brushes up her arches then fills in the sparse areas using the lighter color of this pencil. "Brow pencils are LIFE savers. I don't know what I used to do before!" she says. "And this one from Lancôme has been my fave so far, as it's not too pigmented so it's perfect if you're going for a natural look."

(In fairness, Socol's picks total up to be $5 over budget, but that's easy to do at Sephora.)

Courtney Trop

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The sky tho 🌴

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The L.A. cool-girl behind @alwaysjudging has an extensive skincare routine, but the following two products are a couple highlights that fall within budget. Her go-to face wash at the moment is this gel cleanser. Formulated with cold-pressed kale, spinach, and green tea, the product loads your skin up on antioxidants, phytonutrients, and vitamins.

Savvy skincare gurus on a budget always come back to The Ordinary. One of Trop's favorite products from the line is this azelaic acid treatment, which brightens and evens out skin tone and texture, in addition to controlling breakouts. 

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