7 Genius Beauty Organization Tips I Learned From Zoë Kravitz's Makeup Artist


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I wish I was the type of person who was passionate about organization and tidiness. My mom, for instance, loves to clean, and it's one of her favorite ways to de-stress. Although I very much wish I inherited that gene, my collection of beauty products (be it in my car, bathroom, bedroom, hall closet, living room, or office) is a true dumpster-fire, completely destitute of rhyme, reason, and even an ounce of organization. Eek.

I know the chaos contributes to a low hum of anxiety for me, and I know my beauty routine would be significantly more efficient if I implemented a smart and strategic storage process for the hundreds of beauty products peppering my Los Angeles apartment. (I definitely spend more time searching for specific formulas than I do applying them!)

Knowing where or how to start, however, is where I always get stuck. So, you can imagine my excitement when Who What Wear asked Chanel celebrity makeup artist Nina Park to give us a tour of her beauty collection as part of our #WhoWhatWardrobes IGTV series. (The previous beauty-centric installment starred Beyoncé's makeup artist, Sir John.)

Park regularly works with clients such as Zoë Kravitz, Brie Larson, and Laura Harrier, and in addition to sharing her amazing collection of must-have makeup and skincare, I couldn't help noticing (and admiring) her inspiring storage setup. Park's East Village apartment in NYC is truly an inspiration for anyone looking to tackle their beauty organization game, and below, I'm sharing seven genius tips I learned from her in-depth tour (plus a detailed list of all the beauty products Park loves to prep her clients with). Keep scrolling!

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Tip #1: Keep a "Swatch" Journal for Your Lip Colors

No matter the size of your makeup collection, it can be easy to forget what color cosmetics like lipsticks, lip liners, eye shadows, blushes, and more actually look like once they're swiped. And, if you're anything like me, you end up wasting more time swatching your arm and hand desperately trying to find the right shade than applying your actual makeup. Therefore, I'm obsessed with the idea of keeping a notebook à la Park in which I can organize and swatch all of my favorite products to easily reference. Jotting down the name and brand is also helpful. 

Park's Favorite Lip Products

Tip #2: Invest in a Label Maker

"I might be one of the only beauty editors alive who doesn't do this. Alas, labeling the storage devices and containers you store your beauty must-haves in could be the single most important tip if you're looking to stay more organized and less likely to spend an hour digging through a drawer full of bronzers, blushes, shadows, and powders."

Tip #3: Be Strategic About Your Drawer Choice

This might seem obvious, but without question, do like Park, and find plastic storage drawers that are at least relatively clear and pull out easily. Then, make sure the contents of said drawers are clearly labeled for easy access with said labels we mentioned above. Oh, and don't underestimate the utility of a clear, detachable pill case!

Tip #4: Sort Your Products by Facial Feature

Think of your beauty collection like a mini closet sorted by your facial features or the different areas of the complexion like eyes, cheeks, lips, etc. For instance, collect all of your eye products, and then sort from there. Park demonstrates this tactic by keeping all of her stick shadows, pencil shadows, liquid shadows, and mascaras in one spot. 

Park's Favorite Eye Products

Tip #5: Consider Adding a Section for Skincare

Professional makeup artists tell us time and time again that skincare prep is just as (or even more) important than the actual makeup application. If you have certain masks, moisturizers, eye creams, or other fun skincare treatments you like to use before or even during your makeup regimen, house them close by where you'll have easy access.

Park's Favorite Skincare Treatments

Tip #6: Create a "What Do You Have?" Bin

Okay, so this is brilliant. Think of this hack from Park as an updated (much more intentional) "junk drawer" that will basically house those random things people always ask you for, you're asking other people for, or you're always asking yourself for. Park gives examples like nail polish remover, a nail file, mouthwash, tweezers, boob tape, and a sewing kit

Tip #7: Prioritize the Products You Use Most Often

You'd be amazed by how many "obvious" storage tips I know I should abide by but just don't. (Whoops!) From now on, however, I'll be using Park's rule to group together the products I use most often so they're easier to access. During her tour, she explains how she uses this method to organize her favorite foundations. 

Park's Favorite Foundations

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