24 Closet Organization Items With Shockingly Good Reviews on Amazon

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Whether you hate getting rid of things or, like me, purge items from your wardrobe multiple times a month just for fun, it's important to remember that while cleaning out your closet is a great step, organizing everything is just as important. And this is true whether you have a walk-in with more space than you know what to do with or a tiny closet that's busting at the seams. For starters, you can organize pieces by item type, color-code, and fold to perfection—all of which, as a plus, is technically "free" to do.

However, if you really want to take things a step (or 10) further, there are countless "solutions" you can buy that will have you wondering how you (or your beloved clothes and accessories) ever lived without them in the first place. Below, I've gathered 24 such pieces that have the amazing Amazon reviews to back them up. To see and shop all the closet organization essentials that I'm compelled to add to my cart right now, broken down by category, just keep scrolling.


How you get your tank tops not to constantly fall off hangers.

Promising Review: "I had 37 plastic hangers holding up 37 tank tops. This took up one half of my closet. I purchased 2 sets of these hangers and I fit all 37 tank tops on them. This now takes up about 6 inches in my closet. From 4 feet to 6 inches. All of my tank tops are still easily accessible too, which was one of my concerns. This is my best Amazon purchase to date." — Jay Money

These are perfect for anyone short on hanging space or who likes to travel with their clothes on hangers.

Promising Review: "Doiown Pants Hangers S Shape were exactly what I was hoping they would be. They are extremely sturdy (a little heave but not too heavy), they held my pants in place, due to the S shape you can quickly see what is on the entire hanger without having to move things around and give my closet that extra space I desperately needed. I will also mention that they were packaged probably better than any other thing I've every received. The care and time it took to package them that well was incredible. I would clearly buy again and plan to :)" — Colleen Noyes

If you're lacking in shelf space, this will be a game-changer for you.

Promising Review: "I recently got this closet organizer for my bedroom closet. I have found myself thoroughly enjoying it. The shelves are very roomy and sturdy. I had expected the bottom of the shelves to be a piece of cloth. I was pleasantly surprised to find that a strong piece of cardboard held the shelves up. I loved the mesh pockets on the side. I put all my scarves and belts in the pockets and they fit perfectly. I will recommend this closet organizer to anyone who is wanting one. I am enjoying it immensely and I will continue to enjoy it. Thank you for selling this product." — Amy Holland

An influencer I follow used hooks like these for hanging jeans (by their belt loops) and now I'm inspired to do the same. It seems genius to me.

Promising Review: "I bought these in hopes of slimming down the space that my jeans took up in my closet. I love them and would never go back to hangers again. I've hung all my jeans by the belt loops and it looks nice and freed up so much space. I also use them for my purses, scarves, etc." — Amazon Customer

So this is how you properly store belts and scarves.

Promising Review: "I'm a dude and don't usually buy stuff like this, but this thing is sick. Belts pollute my room no longer." — James Impallaria

I have one of these collapsible racks under my bed and use it whenever things are getting a little too full in my closet or I need to bring things out to help me reorganize.

Promising Review: "Assembly was super easy (I didn't use the wheels since I won't be moving mine). It's extremely sturdy I have most of my wardrobe hanging on it now without any issue. Height and size is perfect for my space." — Amazon Customer

A genius way to maximize hanging space.

Promising Review: "Saves a lot of space in the closet. Went from a over cramped closet, to where did all of this extra space come from. They measure 9” x 17” x 4”. Have 5 heavy winter coats on the hanger, to my surprise they aren't even bowing. Very strong plastic. Will be purchasing more. Perfect to give as gifts." — Janice

I'm obsessed with having matching velvet hangers in my closet. They just make it look so much better and really do help prevent clothes from falling off onto the floor all the time. 

Promising Review: "These hangers reduce the amount of space your clothes take up in your wardrobe dramatically. I saw similar reviews suggesting this before I purchased them and I was not disappointed. There's something aesthetically pleasing about having uniform hangers as well and I really like the black as they near enough blend in to my dark coloured wardrobe interior leaving the focus on the clothes." — Megan


I just bought this for my husband's shoes, so I can personally attest to its sturdiness and high quality.

Promising Review: "Love this shoe rack!! I bought two and stacked them on top of each other. It is easy to put together and sturdy enough. Fits all my shoes perfectly! (I wear a women's shoe size 9–10 if that helps to visualize how well shoes will fit) Even my combat books fit nicely only touching the shelf above and having to bend just a little, other shoe racks definitely will not fit boots in between shelfs! Booties all fit really well too! I even can fit flip flops/sandals underneath on the floor for extra shoe storage! " — Amazon Customer

A great solution if you have extra hanging space but few or no shoe shelves.

Promising Review: "Before buying this shoe organizer, I had shoes everywhere! Shoes lost under the bed and couch. Shoes in my bedroom and living room corners. Before, I tried using one of those shoe organizers that are placed under the bed, which seems like a good idea to utilize free space under the bed until lint and dust starts accumulating! So I was on the lookout for a cheap alternative that could be transported easily if I moved apartments. These shoe hanging shelves have solved my dilemma! Shoes are organized in a neat fashion!!! My hanging shelves have enough support to hold my size 5.5 shoes and my hubby's 9.5 size shoes. I'm pleased with this purchase given the cheap cost of the shoe hanging shelf organizers." — Cammie_05

These shoe boxes fold flat when not in use, so you don't need to worry about your storage boxes taking up unnecessary space.

Promising Review: "These are really easy to put together and fit one pair of women's heels in each, or two pairs of flats. My shoes are all size 9, these could easily fit size 10 or 11 without an issue. I love that they are clear so I can see the shoes inside without having to reach the shelf to guess which ones are in with box. I've since my first purchase ordered several more, in packs of 4 boxes (all the more reason to buy more shoes). Any boxes that have yet to be put together and filled stay flat and are easily stuck between the rows, so they don't take up any space. My closet looks much more organized and tidy." — Knuckles42188

I have these boxes and love them because you can stack them super high as well as use them for storing plenty of other things besides shoes. I use them for accessories, swimwear, and home items, too.

Promising Review: "Love these boxes for my shoes… was such a great feeling to get them out of those dusty boxes and into a nice box for display and organization...The boxes aren’t that thick and neither are the lids but I had no cracks or broken boxes or lids… Will definitely be ordering more for the rest of my shoe collection :)" — Sita

According to reviews, not only are these useful for shoes, but they're also great for anything else from pantry items to leggings.

Promising Review: "I am using this for leggings, not shoes… and so far, so good. Seems to be a well made product… Doesn't slide around on the door like some other ones I've tried. Has decently sized pockets. I am surprisingly pleased with this." — Cantstopshopping


Pretty and practical.

Promising Review: "It is a very pretty box. Not to small that its useless but it will not take to much space on a dresser or vanity. Its very minimalistic, but will virtually go with anything. I highly recommend it." — Linda Ambriz

This jewelry box is barely taller than a lipstick tube yet holds so much.

Promising Review: "I'm very impressed with this jewelry box. Perfect little jewelry box for a small space. I was surprised that it is as nice as it as the picture shows it is. It has space that you can put the rings, earrings, necklace, which you can bring during traveling, won't occupy too much space." — Cinny Ye

If space is tight in terms of drawers or counter space, this hanging jewelry organizer will be your live-saver.

Promising Review: "I love this jewelry hanger! I don't have much space in my little room, so I conveniently hung this jewelry hanger in my covered garment rack. It's as functional as expected, fits all my earrings, and is quite useful. Heads up: there are very little places to store necklaces if you have many of them. There are larger pockets at the bottom, although I would think they would be used for bracelets because necklaces can become tangled. I just hung my necklaces around the hook part of the hanger and it works just fine! If you're on the fence about purchasing this product, do it! I was very pleased with my purchase." — Rachael

These sleek jewelry trays actually have a full 5 stars, which is a pretty big deal.

Promising Review: "I have a couple of drawers that are only a few inches in height. I've always put my costume jewelry in baggies and laid them in the drawers but it was always so junky. These jewelry organizers are so nice, sturdy and attractive. I love the way all my jewelry is displayed now and easy to get to. I highly recommend these." — Amazon Customer


You can use these under the bed, on the floor, or on high shelves to keep things extra organized.

Promising Review: "I was surprised to discover the quality of theses. These were a lower price per cube and are a thicker material than the ones I have from my local big box stores! The Grey is a deep dark rich grey. I’ll update if the handles and bottom fall apart prematurely but they are currently holding their own with no signs of wear." — Amanda

Use these to store out-of-season or special occasion clothes that you don't need regular access to.

Promising Review: "I filled 1 pack up with so much stuff and still had room. These things are amazing and saved room in my closet." — Christie H.

Another strong under-the-bed storage option. When living in smaller spaces, these are ideal for your lesser-used. 

Promising Review: "I bought these so I could store the clothes I have up for sale or plan to put op for sale on poshmark and they are perfect. I filled it up really full with clothes and as I was zipping it up I realized it could fit even more clothes so I added a sweater, two shirts, a blazer, and another jacket and I could still probably squeeze a couple more things in there. I was nervous about purchasing these because they are one of the more expensive sets but I’m glad I did because they are very sturdy and exactly what I needed." — CallanG

Drawer and Shelf Orgnanization

I actually think I might need these. I've always wondered how to keep my bra, underwear, and sock drawers looking a little less messy. 

Promising Review: "I love these things, they're so versatile. I have them all over; drawers, closet shelves, cabinets. I use them for more than just underwear too. I use them for dry art supplies in open shelves and just about anywhere else I need to organize." — Kindle Mac

These clear shelf dividers will keep your folded sections looking impeccable.

Promising Review: "I am so in love with these acrylic shelf dividers. I Konmari-ed our entire house, but ended up actually organizing my closet last. I had a particular shelf of purses that just looked horrible laying on their sides, unable to stand up straight, and getting bent. I was bummed these cost so much, but when I put them up, I absolutely fell in LOVE. So easy to install, relatively easy to open, but definitely firm enough to stay in place on my shelf. I loved them so much, I bought 2 more for my jeans so it looked more boutique-like. For what I needed these for, although I think they were overpriced, they were still worth the money for me and I would definitely buy all over again to get the "Pinterest" looking closet." — Jessica Bjerke

These work similar to the other shelf dividers above, but are a little less discreet and lower-priced.

Promising Review: "I needed something to organize my purses on my closet shelf. I saw some acrylic ones that had great reviews but they were so expensive. Then I found these and they are perfect! So easy to install and they didn't damage my painted wood shelf." — harleydakota

A friend actually told me to buy these recently, saying she discovered them when setting up her nursery and now wants to use them for every drawer in her apartment.

Promising Review: "Wow! Firm fit, adjustable, sturdy. I even had a professional cabinet maker who was there to install new handles for us admire them and ask for details so he could recommend them to other customers. Admittedly you'll only be able to divide your drawer into parallel sections, but that was exactly what I needed." — M. Fairchild