7 Beach Wedding Attire Trends I'm Betting Will Be Big


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Over the last year, many things were put on pause. Among them was one of the biggest life events: weddings. Plans may have been pushed back and postponed, but as things are reopening, it’s time for brides to start the planning process again—whether that means a small gathering in the near future or something in the years ahead. No matter what wedding size you’re prepping for, we have you covered with the most fashion-forward styling ideas, including an entire wedding report on all of the "cool bride” things to know.

Getting a little more specific, here, I’m diving into all of the beach wedding attire trends I’m predicting will be big. Rather than looking just to the bridal runways, I’m touching on directional ideas from designers and fashion insiders that I can’t help but imagine at a stylish beach wedding. Yep, you’ll find everything from stunning strappy Jacquemus gowns plucked straight from the runway to on-the-rise trends, including ruched flats and playful jewelry that just feel right for a fashion-girl beach wedding.

Strappy Dresses


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Strappy, floss-like dresses have pretty much taken over on the fashion scene, and I can instantly imagine them at a beach wedding. You can’t go wrong whether you opt for a long gown or a shorter hemline.

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Ruched Flats


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Ruched flats are one of the micro-trends I’m eyeing right now, and they just feel perfect for a beach wedding where you want to avoid anything involving heels. Practical but still romantic, these are the ultimate beach-wedding shoes.

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Cutouts for a wedding? Yep, I’m voting in favor of this as an option for the bride whether it’s for the actual ceremony or for the rehearsal dinner. After all, beach weddings are all about having a little fun.

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Playful Jewelry


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Fun, playful jewelry is the defining accessory trend of 2021, and I have no doubt that it will play a pivotal role in any beach wedding. Bea Bongiasca's signature tendril ring in white and topaz is actually the perfect subtle way to incorporate your "something blue.”

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Micro Minidresses


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You probably thought I was done with the skin-baring trends when I mentioned cutouts, but I’m going to keep going. Micro minidresses have been a major trend this year and feel like a fun "cool bride” approach to beach-wedding attire. If you need further proof that this is a winning option, just look to Cindy Crawford’s iconic beach-wedding look.

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“Pearl” Bags


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Another micro-trend primed for a beach wedding? The pearl-inspired bags that are tapping into the ocean-themed pieces that are everywhere at the moment. For a beach wedding, you couldn’t ask for a more perfectly timed trend.

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Matching Sets


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One more outfit option to choose from? Matching sets. Always a foolproof option no matter the occasion, this is perfect for brides who would rather do without the dress.

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