3 Things No One Is Wearing to the Beach Anymore—and 5 They're Wearing Instead



It doesn't matter if you're jetting off to Ibiza or stepping off the A train at Rockaway Beach Park, any beach outfit has the potential to be a moment. You know what I'm talking about. For anyone with an Instagram account and a Wi-Fi connection, a day at the beach can be prime time for snapping all the photos—and, of course, showing off your A+ summer wardrobe while you're at it. As such, your standard-issue rubber flip-flops and faded baseball hat deserve to be upgraded so you and your beach outfits can live their best lives.

Since day trips and getaways are starting to fill our summer weekend itineraries, what better time to chat about which items to leave at home and which to wear and pack for a day in the sun? From the versatile beach cover-up we secretly want to wear off the sand as well to summer's biggest shoe trend you should probably avoid wearing (it's for your own good—you'll see why), keep reading to find out the beach outfit trends that will and won't be gracing the most stylish shores this summer.

SKIPPING: Tunic Tops


For something with a bit more shape and structure than a tunic top, fashion girls are reaching for printed scarves and sarongs as swimsuit cover-ups, but the beachy take on the piece can also double as wrap skirt off the beach.

WEARING INSTEAD: Oversize Button-Downs

This happens to be my favorite take on a beach cover-up since it's effortless and looks just as cool worn open as it does with one or two buttons closed.

SKIPPING: Baseball Hats


It's hot on the beach, and the last thing you want to deal with is sticky, sweaty hat hair underneath a tight baseball cap. That's where bucket hats come in. The slouchy look is definitely a cool one, and since it's roomier as far as hats go, it's a functional pick, too.

WEARING INSTEAD: Wide-Brimmed Sun Hats

Come summer, we can count on being able to spot several of these classic hats on any given beach, from Malibu to the Hamptons.

SKIPPING: Complicated Strappy Sandals

WEARING INSTEAD: Tevas and Birkenstocks

Strappy sandals are great and all—just maybe not where there's sand involved, and the need to fling your sandals off at the first sight of it. Save them for your city attire, and opt for something equally as trendy yet way more practical like a sporty Birkenstock or Teva sandal.