5 Basics Worth Owning If You Live In Simple Jeans and Sneakers

There’s a strong chance that you, like me, wear jeans and sneakers on the regular. While you may have a go-to outfit you wear with the two staples, I think there are a few basic items worth owning to keep those denim 'fits as fresh and elevated as possible. Some of the pieces in question may seem like no-brainers (ahem, tank tops), but there are also a few next-level basics (looking at you, reworked trench coats) that I think could be essential to crafting the ideal jeans-and-sneakers looks.

To highlight all of this further, I rounded up some of my favorite fashion-girl outfits that zero in on the basics worth owning if you live in jeans and sneakers—and yes, I’m talking about all types here, from straight-leg to flares and canvas kicks to old-school trainers. Keep scrolling for all the visual and shopping inspo you need.

1. Slouchy Blazer

A modern blazer in a loose cut brings that easy polish to a denim outfit. We're particularly into this look featuring the trendy flares and Converse.

2. Tank

Sometimes going for the simple basics is just where it's at. Case in point? A classic ensemble with a sleek tank tucked into straight-leg jeans with sneakers.

3. Leather Jacket

Wider-leg jeans with canvas sneakers are already cool on their own, but the addition of a leather topper—either a blazer or a moto style—takes that laid-back vibe to the next level.

4. Cardigan

You can't deny the power of a cardigan right now, either worn as a top or a layering piece like with this denim ensemble here.

5. Trench Coat

Elevate jeans, a white T-shirt, and sneakers even more with a very-right-now trench coat. Chic and sophisticated.

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