I Only Buy Basics on Sale—These Are the Best Options Out There Right Now

Basics on sale - the best options now



I never buy anything full-price. Okay, maybe not never, but it’s definitely a rarity since every time I do buy something full-price, it goes on sale. I bought a white cinched-waist dress a few months ago—now it’s 40% off. Cropped Re/Done T-shirt—now 60% off. Frayed jeans—now 15% off. And thus I have sworn to myself that from now on, I only buy on sale.

Occasionally, this rule gets broken, but only when it’s something I need in a timely manner or from a brand I know for a fact never gets marked down. This rule has saved me countless times (and countless dollars), but I would say it is most pertinent when it comes to basicsThe second I see one of my favorite basics go on sale, I buy it. Whether I need it or not, I know I am going to wear it, it’s never going out of style, and there are at least 15 ways to wear it. Ever since I started abiding by this rule, my closet is full of staples that were absolute steals. 

After doing a bit of winter cleaning, I finally had some room in my tiny closet for a few more basics. So after some thorough research, I found myself refreshing my tracking info about 153 times to see the status of all my packages. Now that I’m all stocked up on my favorite basics, I thought I would share some of my favorite finds. Keep scrolling to see the best options out there right now.

Because high-rise, ripped black jeans are truly a staple.

You never know when a cute cardigan is going to come in handy.

Basics on sale - the best options now



Loving the Faded Orchid color, but take your pick from countless others.

Throw a leather jacket over this and outfit complete.

I have these in two different washes and wear them literally five days a week.

Wear this around the house or out on the town.

Basics on sale - the best options now



For the days when you roll out of bed and have five minutes to look put together.

Not quite sure what a chemise is, but for $33, I'm about it.

Don't ask me why, but I am totally obsessed with this sweatsuit.

Basics on sale - the best options now



Denim isn't going anywhere, so might as well stock up.

Pretty sure I wore this to a few bat mitzvahs and pretty sure I would still wear this today.

Come on, we all wear it, so buy a pretty pair that's on sale, too.

Basics on sale - the best options now



Because you can never have too many black crop tops.

These shorts are actually such amazing quality and so comfy—trust me on this.

Because face masks are a staple today.