The 7 Wardrobe Basics a 30-Year-Old and a 60-Year-Old Think Everyone Should Own

Your age has nothing to do with what you should or shouldn't wear. You should always go for what you love, no matter the year you were born. On that note, while we all have our own personal styles, there are a few specific items it seems people of all ages universally gravitate towards over others. In fact, I did a little research to uncover some of the said pieces.

Given that basics are more or less the building blocks of any solid wardrobe, I wanted to dive deeper into the exact basics people in my life collectively stand behind as essentials. To catch a glimpse, I tapped my 60-year-old-mother, Nancy, along with a 30-year-old friend, who, for the purpose of this story, I'm going to refer to as Anna (she likes to keep a bit discreet). I asked each to send me a list of the simple items they swear by to create a well-rounded closet. And believe it or not, there was a crossover with seven key items.

To highlight further, I'm showcasing the basics a 30 and 60-year-old both love to incorporate into their chic ensembles. Naturally, I also agree that the pieces coming your way are certified staples, so I took this time to explain why I am personally into each basic as well.

With all that said, keep scrolling to scope a bit of visual (as highlighted on some of my favorite fashion people) and shopping inspiration, breaking down the basics potentially worth owning based on universal popularity amongst my inner circle.

1. Leggings

Leggings continue to be a wardrobe mainstay. This season, it's about dressing them up with other elevated basics for a chic look.

2. White Button-Down Shirt

While a white button-down shirt has always remained a classic, it's particularly relevant this spring worn on its own with jeans or layered with other trendy items.

3. Striped Tee

How to wear a striped tee and joggers



You just can't go wrong with a striped tee as an easy and comfortable basic worn with just about anything (yes, including joggers).

4. Skinny or Straight-Leg Jeans

How to wear skinny jeans and sneakers in 2020



In terms of denim, skinny and straight-leg jeans ranked high on the lists of both my friend and mother (and rightfully so). While other cuts like wide-leg and flares are trending, these slimmer styles are classics at this point.

6. LBD

How to wear a LBD and heels in 2020



An effortless LBD is a constant in many wardrobes (including those of my inner circle) to create a simple and chic dressed-up look. A basic shift or one like this with a cutout detail will just always be in.

6. Blazer

How to wear a slouchy blazer in 2020



A blazer—especially a slouchier silhouette—is a newer basic to add that extra polish to any ensemble. My mother, in particular, loves wearing one with jeans and a tee to look just a bit fancier.

7. Cardigan

A cardigan, in general, is a wardrobe essential for many. My mother is into the longer silhouettes, my friend loves the more standard cuts, and I like the shrunken picks. In my opinion, you'll create a cool and forward vibe with any style you choose.