Hair Experts Predict These Will Be the Biggest Hair Trends for Autumn

While most of us are still desperately clinging to the final weeks of summer, industry experts have their sights firmly set on the season ahead as they make their predictions for the biggest autumn trends in the worlds of beauty and fashion. And with so many trending hairstyles emerging in 2021 already, I was particularly keen to find out what's in store for our strands as we head into fall

"In summer, we all love to experiment with our hair, trying out different styles from braids to beachy waves and opting for shorter haircuts that are less maintenance," says Callum Standen-May, creative stylist at Bond Shoreditch. "However, in autumn, some of us can find it difficult to find the right hairstyle or cut that will continue to look healthy throughout the colder months."

All of the experts that I spoke to stressed that adding a nourishing hair mask or strengthening treatment to your haircare routine was a non-negotiable for autumn haircare. But what cuts, colors and styles did they predict everyone will be wearing? 

Ahead, keep scrolling for the seven biggest fall hair trends for 2021, according to experts.


1. Grungy Bobs


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In one iteration or another, the humble bob is a classic hairstyle that re-emerges every season with a new lease of life. For fall 2021? "We are already starting to see a lot more androgynous bobs that are very reminiscent of the '90s," explains celebrity hairdresser George Northwood. "It's a classic box bob, the same length the whole way round, with no shape at the front. Just think of that cool, grungy Calvin Klein campaign from the '90s for the right vibe."


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2. Strong Fringes


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This has been a big year for fringes, and bangs definitely aren't going anywhere as we transition into the final few months of the year. "We've seen the curtain fringe leading the trend for 2021, but I'm so excited for this to evolve into a more dramatic bang trend," says Adam Reed, UK editorial ambassador for L'Oréal Professionnel. "Strong, choppy fringes are in and can be perfectly tailored to you—be it blunt, side-swept and beyond!"


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3. Modern Mullets


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Possibly this year's most controversial haircut, the mullet will continue to be a popular choice for those seeking a more dramatic hair switch-up for fall. "Mullets will be the must-have haircut, but—don't worry—they don't have to be extreme," says Darren Fowler, Kérastase expert and owner of Fowler35. "Variations on this cut will be seen on everyone from the fashion to financial set, and it's all about keeping the texture alive."


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1. Platinum Blonde


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"Just as with the mullet/wolf cut becoming popular thanks to Billie Eilish, she is also leading the way with her platinum, bleach-blonde hair color," says Northwood. "After a boring year of lockdowns, a lot of people are after a dramatic change in their hair color, and striking shades of white-blonde are where it's at."


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2. Pumpkin Patch


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"Autumn is one of my favorite seasons for hair color, and we always see guests looking for a little switch-up from summer," says Reed. "Beautiful auburn, copper and pumpkin hues will be hot on everyone's wish list for a perfect bright hue that matches the scenery around you."


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1. Wet-Look Waves


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When it comes to styling your own hair at home, there's one editorial style that hairstylists are predicting will make its way off the runway into real life: wet-look waves. "This cool style is incredibly glamorous looking and a great look to experiment with for any special events you have lined up," says Standen-May. "With this style, the key lies in the products you use. I love mixing a hair gel and shine cream together to create this look."


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2. More Low-Key Styling


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We're firm believers that embracing your hair's natural texture is always a good look, but while autumn's trends usually call for heat-styling and blow-drying, this year will definitely see a shift towards more low-key looks. "It's all about making the most of your hair's natural texture," explains Standen-May. "If you have natural curls or waves, then now is the time to enhance them. Use a mousse or curl-defining product, and scrunch this in damp hair before leaving to air-dry for a natural yet flawless finish."


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