These Are the Top Trends in Australia Versus the Rest of the World

Australia is an isolated country. We're an island that takes the rest of the world at least a day to get to (excluding our New Zealand friends) and has it's own unique fashion aesthetic and style.

The trends in Australia don't always line up with the rest of the world, not only because we're in the opposite season, but because our lifestyle requires different wardrobe staples. Linen pieces may not be as wearable in New York, but here, anything made with the breathable fabric is a staple of an Australian summer wardrobe.

Below we've listed the trends blowing up overseas compared with what we're loving on the other side of the globe. To see how different our style is from the rest of the world, keep scrolling.

N.B. We've included some of our favourite Kiwi girls (Jessie Bush, Chloe Hill, and Beck Wadworth) in here under the 'Australia' category as our climate is so similar, and they spend so much time in Sydney.


Australians are loving swimwear in earthy and monotone colours, with a ribbed texture. Black, olive and white seem to be the most sought-after colours this season with deep wine also emerging as a popular choice. 

Rest of The World: Bold One-Pieces

Overseas, the neon trend has popped up in swimwear, but if you can't see yourself wearing neon, bright colours like yellow and red seem to be favoured, as are polka dot prints. 


Here, we're all about dresses in bright colours and bold prints like neon, checks, and fruity details.

Rest of the world: Slim Sand

A slimmer silhouette is being worn overseas, with a Jacquemus-inspired sand the colour of choice for influencers. 


Kitten heels are all over Instagram. The heel works of the laid-back Australian lifestyle by being comfortable and easy to walk in. 

Rest of the world: Skinny Straps

If you scroll through your Instagram, international influencers are wearing strappy sandals. By Far, The Row and Jonak are popular choices.