Asymmetrical Earrings I Love (Because Matching Is Overrated)

Don't get me wrong—I love a good pair of hoops, and yes, a simple stud too. But sometimes, if I listen closely, it's like my ears are whispering "more, more, more." Which is exactly why I've got a thing for mismatched earrings. While the obsession has sat dormant for months on end, a few weeks ago, I finally pulled the trigger and purchased a pair of asymmetrical earrings from Albus Lumen. Naturally, it was love at first sight (and unsurprisingly, I'm wearing them this exact moment, so there you go).

While I know that at first glance, such statement-making earrings can be intimidating, slipping them on isn't just a boost of confidence, but it's an instant bolt of fun. But, since I know that over-the-top architectural earrings may not be for everyone, I wanted to share three styles to choose from, each of which offers a little something different. Below, you can shop the asymmetrical styles I'm excited about right now. And while I can't guarantee that one ear won't feel significantly lighter than the other (that's the sacrifice you make for those uneven baubles), I can guarantee that from either side, your lobes will look seriously stylish.