The Best Statement Earrings From 15 Under-the-Radar Designers

Statement earrings are accessories that pack a punch and accent any outfit—whether they’re sparkly, bold, or unexpected. And if the earrings are from a brand that’s not a household name, your ears often become quite the conversation starter. The 15 designs ahead are artistic, interesting, and will get you tons of compliments.

Sourced from a collection of brands—some new, some handmade, and some that simply can’t be found at your favorite one-stop-shop—the earrings below each adds a special touch to every outfit. Take them for a spin in your favorite work outfit or let them polish off a look for your next black-tie affair. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. Keep clicking to see the brands you should know (and the pieces that are too special to pass up).

This New Zealand–based brand does major sparkle in a modern, playful way.

Super-glitzy jewelry might not be this designer’s thing, but if you’re all about sporting a piece of wearable art, look no further.

This NYC-based designer’s take on whimsical jewelry leaves quite an impression, as it’s hard not to smile at her playful designs.

The beautiful craftsmanship of these earrings makes them feel beyond special—as if you scored them in a hidden gift shop on your last dream vacation. Luckily, the designs don’t actually require a plane ticket to purchase.

This brand makes its designs in Los Angeles and is known for its quirky pieces (like these abstract art–inspired earrings) you won’t find anywhere else.

Does this structural jewelry line look familiar? It should. It’s been a bit of an Instagram sensation over the last couple years.

Commit this Berlin artist’s name to memory—after all, her bold yet understated designs are hard to forget.

Though this brand is less than two years old, these precious pieces are the kind you’ll be wearing for life.

This New York–based brand uses a wax-carving method to create truly artistic designs (like these abstract face earrings).

The Last Line debuted earlier this year, and so far, we’re loving its elegant designs and cool pieces.

This once small-scale sculpture artist is now creating even smaller works of art that can be put on display daily.

These eye-catching pieces from Atlanta-based artist Jennifer J. Matchett aren’t just chic—they’re also made with environmentally conscious materials.

Definitely not your run-of-the-mill baubles, but that’s exactly what makes them irresistible.

This London designer and former engineering student launched her collection in 2016, and it’s chock-full of both elegant and outspoken designs.

Designer Hart Hagerty may be Charleston-based, but she’s deeply influenced by Chinese culture. Her designs are a reflection of both parts of the world.

Now that you’ve found your next pair of statement earrings, shop accessories that are perfect for everyday wear (and under $100).

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