Fashion People Can't Get Enough of Statement Earrings—35 I Have My Eyes On


@cassdimicco; PICTURED: Aureum Collective earrings

I’m declaring summer 2023 to be the summer of statement earrings. I swear, it wasn’t that long ago that every fashion person and It girl I know just put on a pair of hoops or studs to let their outfit do most of the talking. But lately, I’m seeing people embrace statement earrings like never before at every dinner, event, or chic bar I attend. I used to strictly wear gold hoop earrings, but now my collection of earrings has almost doubled. I’m a huge jewelry person, and I knew if there was a new jewelry trend that fashion people were embracing with open arms, I needed to give it a shot myself. I used to associate statement earrings with something tacky or outdated, but the more I saw the trend on my Instagram, around the city, and in the Who What Wear Office, I was officially turned. There are so many updated ways to wear bold earrings, and once I saw some of my favorite jewelry brands do their own take on statement earrings, I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Aureum Collective, The M Jewelers, and ARSN The Label we’re three that won me over. They found that perfect sweet spot of chic earrings that add to an outfit without being distracting, not to mention the fact they look good with almost everything. We’ve all seen the obsession with ultra-chic Bottega Veneta’s drop, tear-shaped earrings that are the ultimate cherry on top of any outfit (and a personal favorite of mine). Since I’m now on board with statement earrings, I decided it was time to dig up some of my favorite picks on the market right now, from affordable options from Amazon to designer earrings worth the investment. 

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I'm wearing these in the photo above. 

Shell earrings are the earrings of the summer. I love everything about them.


@anna__laplaca ; PICTURED: Mango x Simon Miller earrings

The Simon Miller x Mango collab is the gift that keeps on giving. The earrings that came out of that collection are so good. 


@elizagracehuber; PICTURED: Bottega Veneta earrings

While I know these are an investment, they are so pretty that I think they're worth it. 

Although these aren't Bottega, you get the same vibe. 



There is something so sophisticated and chic about these pearl drop earrings. 


@jourdansloane; PICTURED: Aureum Collective earrings

Heart earrings have a special place in my heart. 

Shop more statement earrings: 

I need these in my collection immediately. 

These are a favorite of the fashion set. 

It's easy to see why these are best sellers.

I'm actually obsessed with these. 

I have these and wear them nonstop. They come in silver too. 

I would totally wear these with a simple white minidress. 

I need these in my collection so bad. 

Subtle yet still capable of making a statement.