It's Written in the Stars: This Is the Fall Trend You Should Adopt


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Friends and colleagues alike can tell you that the first question I ever asked them was most likely, "Where did you get those knee-high boots from?” or "What’s your zodiac sign?” In truth, my love for discovering new fashion influencers or spotting the biggest trends to come out of fashion week rivals my passion for astrology. I am that annoying friend who hounds you for your birth time after we just met so that I can walk you through how to do your natal chart, and I’m not ashamed in the slightest. For me, astrology is not supposed to tell the future or be as reliable as trend predictions. Instead, it’s a tool for self-reflection. It can reveal everything from how you communicate to how you move through the world, and of course, it influences your approach to style. 

So what fashion trend should you adopt based on your zodiac sign? Ahead, I’ve paired fall/winter 2021’s most prominent fashion trends with each sign based on my knowledge of astrological signs. Keep scrolling to see what the stars have in store…


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As the first sign in the zodiac, you are the original influencer. You don’t follow trends; you start them. You’re never afraid to test out a new risqué look or to support a rising designer because, for you, fashion is about pushing the boundaries. So as the standout sign, wearing a bold, saturated shade this fall is the move.

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Of all the zodiac signs that know how to go with the flow, it’s you, dear Pisces. As the first water sign of the zodiac, you’re less about constricting and over-the-top trends and more about beautiful, dreamy, and shiny things, making stacked rings the perfect fall trend to adopt. Just think of it as unearthing a pearl—the more unique, the better. 

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Some zodiac signs fall in line with trends, but that’s not the case with the rebel of the zodiac, Aquarius. You aren’t about to be seen in that "It item” every other cheugy girl owns. You live for finding the most eclectic pieces, no matter if they come from a vintage shop or high-end brand. It only makes sense that you’d choose to adopt a trend as unique as you this fall: patchwork.

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Every other zodiac sign likes to think they have good taste, but Tauruses invented it. No other sign delights in the pleasure of earthly things like luxury goods as much as a Taurus. You created looking rich without overdoing it (you’re basically The Row’s target audience), so it only makes sense you’d be wearing the tonal-tailoring trend this fall. Pair all your favorite luxury separates together for a look that screams "I am your rich auntie.”

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Love ’em, or hate ’em, we can’t live without our Geminis—they are the life of the party after all. This mutable air sign may get some side-eyes, but that’s only because everyone is envious of this sign’s ability to adopt and successfully pull off any trend. It only makes sense that the most sociable and dramatic sign will be strolling into a fall function near you in a flashy minidress. It’s a Gemini’s world; we’re just living in it.

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Cancers get a bad rap for being homebodies, but let me set the record straight. When these water signs step out, they step out. You’re not going to see them out in the streets in low-rise denim (they’re a water sign, not fire). Instead, they find delight in the pleasure of dressing up. That’s why you’ll find Cancers in faux fur in all its forms this fall. It gives "I could be at home, but I’m here at the function looking better than you” energy. Plus, it’s as cozy as a comforter.

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Not all trends can be pulled off with ease. Some require a level of innate confidence that can only be found within one zodiac sign: Leo. This sign exudes main-character energy every single day. And what trend says "I’m thirsty. Look at me, please. I need as attention” as loud as grown-up cutouts? If any sign can get away with the subtle balance of sultry and stylish required for this trend, it’s a Leo.

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While Virgos take satisfaction in claiming Beyoncé as a part of their tribe, it should be noted that these signs aren’t often risk-takers in the fashion department. They live for and sweat the details—it’s about the quality of the fabric, the design details, and the functionality of fashion over its frills. Their minimalist approach makes something like chunky cable-knits the perfect trend. Who has time to fuss with G-strings when you’re planning world domination?

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Here's a fun fact about Libras. They share the same ruling planet, Venus, as Tauruses. Venus rules over love, beauty, art, and relationships, so basically, they’re born style icons. Their airy element provides the power to strike the perfect balance between trendy and timeless style. And while Libras could just pull off any fall trend, I have a feeling they’ll be opting for colorful leather trenches, which are a masterful lesson in balancing.

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POV: They enter the room, and they’re mysterious, magnetic, and magnificently dressed. They’re a Scorpio. Don’t fight me, but Scorpios happen to be one of the most stylish signs of all. They earn the title because they can transform signature black hues and understated pieces into a dramatic ensemble. My prediction? They’ll be donning pieces with heavy hardware this fall.

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When it comes to bringing the heat and serving a complete look, only a Sagittarius can keep you sweating. While this sign doesn’t have a signature style per se, its mutable nature allows them to shoot their shot at any trend and hit the bull’s-eye. It takes mad skill to pull off a double-denim look for fall, but if anyone can do it and look good while doing so, it’s a Sagittarius. 

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What zodiac sign exudes "mess around and find out” energy, you ask? Capricorns, of course. When it comes to their personal life and personal style, they mean business. So it’s a no-brainer they’d be carrying the most serious trend this fall: business bags. Let’s just say, if you cross this sign, you’ll be learning a thing or two about style.

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