I'm a Sandal Connoisseur: All of My Expensive-Looking Pairs Come From One Place



As much as I believe in the act of treating one's self, that's rarely been the case for me when it comes to shoes. Lately, all of my "splurge" money has been devoted to designer handbags (there are so many good ones out there right now) and booking more tropical vacations, so the thought of handing over a ton of money for expensive sandals feels a bit unnecessary. And when you constantly walk everywhere like me, shoes tend to deteriorate faster than normal. But above all else, I haven't felt the need to go the expensive route because I've got ASOS.

No other retailer has seen my card information quite like ASOS. The bulk of my 2022 sandal collection comes courtesy of the British shop, and scoping out its new arrivals has become part of my daily ritual. From its diverse range of shoe sizes (from size 4 to size 12 in most cases) to its selection of trendy silhouettes at an affordable price point, ASOS comes in clutch when I'm looking to be a fashion person on a budget. It also helps that most of my friends think my ASOS shoes are designer when I wear them out. Since today's the day I'm revealing one of my best-kept shopping secrets, I figured I'd help you with 30 pairs I currently can't stop thinking about.

Pro tip before you buy: grab the $19 premier shipping subscription, which gives you free express shipping for a year, and stock up on shoes to your heart's content. 

I can confirm they look just as expensive in person.

The simplicity of these means you can wear them with anything.

I've been dreaming about this pair for months. I guess it's finally time to push the buy button.

I've seen similar sandals for 10 times the price.

This shade of green is surprisingly easy to wear.

Imagine these styled with a pretty silk dress.

This silhouette has been popping up everywhere lately.

Yes, the perfect pair of neutral sandals does exist.

Platforms are trending again, and this pair is just right.

One of the best things about ASOS is its selection of wide-fit sandals.

These are currently on the way to my apartment.

I wore these so many times during my Italian vacation, and they never let me down.

A great match for the abundance of miniskirts this season.

Whether you're the bride or attending a plethora of weddings this summer, you'll undoubtedly need these.

You can't talk about summer fashion without a dose of some saturated color.

As fashion people say, the higher the platform the better.