This Is What Ashley Olsen Does When She's Tired of Her Heels

If you’re keeping score, the person who has the most in common with Ashley Olsen is Mary-Kate. But when we spotted Ashley’s ensemble she sported in New York today, we realized there’s one style habit most of us likely have in common with the designer as well. Specifically, it's a total lack of patience for shoes that are impossible to walk in.

Dressed in a V-neck maxi dress and floor-length jacket—an Olsen signature silhouette—one-half of The Row duo was seen carrying a pair of black, pointy-toed stilettos in her hand while she opted for flat loafers on her feet. One can guess she was maybe bringing the shoes to a shoemaker, or perhaps she was on her way to lend them to a friend, but we have a sneaking suspicious the real story is she would simply rather commute in something that won’t make her teeter-totter. Regardless of whether or not she switched into the heels later on, we really enjoy this combination of a lengthy silhouette and a flat shoe. You might expect the look to overwhelm her 5’3” frame, but it doesn’t. The slits at the sides of her hem help, as do the neckline’s deep cut, accented with a couple—or a fraternal twin set, if you will—of chain necklaces.

See Ashley's complete ensemble, two pairs of shoes and all, below.

ashley olsen heels



Do you have a designated commuting shoe? Keep an extra pair at the office at all time? Fill us in on your tips and tricks below.

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