This Instagram Account Proves That Fashion Has Always Been Inspired by Art


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For those who follow fashion, it’s obvious that it's an art form in its own right. Consider for one moment Prada’s futuristic autumn collection or Gucci’s whimsical Milan runway, and it’s clear that fashion is a lot more than a vain obsession with “what to wear”, rather, it is a means of representation, expression and (as many brands have recently exemplified, in this politically-heated climate) a powerful tool for opening up dialogue about important topics.

While it may seem like fashion has become an art form only recently, with the huge productions taking place during seemingly never-ending fashion weeks, that’s far from accurate. Fashion has always in conversation with other art forms. Art doesn’t exist in a vacuum; and neither does fashion. Throughout history, art, music, fashion, literature, and so forth have always impacted one another—and they continue to today.

Need further proof? Just take one look at one of our favourite Instagram accounts: @artlexachung. A favourite fashion muse of ours, Alexa Chung is basically the epitome of style. And this page shows her style reflected in fine art. By laying side-by-side images of Chung with artwork, the IG shows just how similar fashion and art really are. Even a quick glance at the pictures, and you’re sure to agree: Fashion has always been inspired by art.

For anyone who loves art, fashion, or both, following @artlexachung is a definite must do. Not only is it very amusing to see the parallels drawn between Chung’s wardrobe and classical artwork, but it also may inspire you to think of your closet in a new way. Great art is impressive for a reason, so what better place to find new outfit ideas?


"The Entrance" by Charles Joseph Frederick Soulacroix / Alexa Chung for @tiffanyandco.

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