15 Pretty, Practical Outfits to Wear Apple Picking

As far as we're concerned, apple-picking can (and should) be considered a thing all year round. If you're one of the people who rapidly wants to head out to the nearest farm for a crisp Pink Lady, you might want to start planning what to wear to go apple picking ASAP. After all, a little outdoor activity calls for a functional outfit that will beat the weather but also look cute on your (almost mandatory) IG. If you didn't Instagram it, did it even happen?

From oversize sweaters to ankle boots and overalls to fuzzy fleeces, the 15 apple-picking outfits ahead are both pretty and functional so you can enjoy your outdoor adventure in style. 

You can't go wrong with oversize sweaters and chunky boots.

Knee-high boots are also a favorite when apple picking.

Upgrade your track pants with bold tones and a chic sweater.

Bandana + Skirt + Tights + Cowboy Boots = Ideal Apple-Picking Formula

Just adding a hat will instantly upgrade any look. 

This bucket bag was practically made for collecting apples.

Low-key and comfortable also make for a great apple-picking look.

There isn't a time or place where you can't wear a good monochromatic look.

Channel the colors of fall for your comfortable apple-picking attire.

Styling hack: Cinch your puffer with a belt bag to bring your look from sporty to stylish.

Doesn't get more pretty and practical than a monochrome athleisure outfit.

Proof that oversize puffers are the perfect addition to any outfit.

When you feel like making a statement, look no further than this outfit.

A Canadian tuxedo is pretty much the ideal apple-picking outfit IMO.

This outfit clearly works in all weather conditions.

This post was published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Aleksija Vujicic. An apple-picking must-have? Cowboy boots. These are the best five brands.

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