Anna Wintour's Earliest Style Moments Are Just Golden

Anna Wintour's young style was surprisingly bold. When the powerful editor was rising to prominence and becoming a FROW regular, Wintour's business attire was put to good use. Her evening choices were glitzier than one might think (hello, rainbow dress) while day-to-day office looks remained on par with today's ladylike style (Chanel skirt suits and an ever-present string of necklaces).

The bob has always been in position. Sunglasses crept in during the '90s, and her trusty Manolo Blahniks were a fixture in even some of the earliest outfit snaps. Despite some high-octane '80s combos, this woman has always known what suits her when it comes to shapes, designers and colours. Go through the gallery to see a young Anna Wintour's fashion looks in action.


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Style Notes: Just when you've downsized to micro-sunnies, along comes this impressive jumbo, chain-embellished pair on Anna Wintour circa '94. Also—orange satin shirt… Who knew?


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Style Notes: Forever a fan of the chunky jewel necklace, Anna found the perfect way to flourish her corseted LBD in 1989.


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Style Notes: On an evening in 1990, Anna Wintour wore the party dress trend that's taking over in 2017—rainbow sequins.


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Style Notes: Ninety-four's furry coat + satin slip dress + mules = something Bella Hadid would totally wear today.


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Style Notes: Who knew Anna Wintour loved a jazzy print quite so much? She chose this vibrant two-piece for a Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week party in 1990.


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Style Notes: Sometimes nothing is better than a red slip dress and tan Manolos.


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Style Notes: We'd never put Anna Wintour down as a fan of sparkle, but here she is in the '90s proving otherwise.


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Style Notes: This feels very right for the comeback Versace is experiencing with its S/S 18 collection.


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Style Notes: Here it is—the classic bouclé skirt suit. Worn, as per usual, with nude shoes, sunnies and a string of necklaces.


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Style Notes: Red! Yellow! Three lots of satin! Anna wasn't messing around with this bold look, and it's possibly our favourite of all.


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Style Notes: Pale pink knitwear is our current obsession, but Wintour did it justice way back when with a pastel coat and high-shine trousers.


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Style Notes: Power shoulders weren't Anna's invention, but she certainly knows how to pull them off—a sleek miniskirt does the balancing trick.


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Style Notes: Long before athleisure came along Anna was doing oversize skiwear.


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Style Notes: Such a perfect fluorescent yellow dress. How very S/S 18 of you, Anna. 


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Style Notes: There's only one bad thing about this outfit: KiraKira+ didn't exist (or Instagram, for that matter) for it to be adored all over social media.


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Style Notes: So elegant.


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Style Notes: This exceptional leopard-print coat is anything but mumsy, even if she is a mum. 


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Style Notes: We're pretty keen on satin skirts right now, but Wintour knows that pairing one with a black top and a quilted bag is the way to go. 

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