The Timeless Outfit Combination Anna Wintour Says to Skip

What Anna Wintour says not to wear



So last week, I promptly reported on the latest edition of Vogue's video series Go Ask Anna, which is basically an Anna Wintour fan's dream come true. (She gets very candid.) The gem I pulled from it initially was that Wintour said not to wear jeans (click to find out!), but there was another morsel that was just too intriguing not to write a dedicated post about: the (very) common outfit combination people have been wearing basically forever, to which she says, "Just don't."

When Wintour is asked how to spice up an all-black outfit, she's quick to respond, "Just don't wear all black." She adds, "It seems too gloomy, as if one's going to a funeral." But she does offer up suggestions for those among us who insist on wearing all black from time to time. She advises one to think about "adding some color or favorite piece of jewelry or maybe white boots. Just something that's a little bit unexpected."

I did a quick search of Wintour's looks throughout the years and found that she very rarely wears all black anymore (see a throwback example here), and when she does, she practices what she preaches and adds something interesting, like one of her signature statement necklaces or a combination of textures such as fur or sequins. Want to heed her advice?

Scroll on to watch the video and shop the three items Wintour recommends for "spicing up" an all-black outfit.



Add: Color

Add: Special Jewelry

Add: White Boots