Of Course Anna Wintour Wraps Her Presents in Designer Paper

At this point, we can't say we're surprised at most of the insane news that emerges from the fashion world. (After all, just today, the powers that be at Lincoln Center announced that New York Fashion Week would be completely relocating as of February 2015.) 

But this one pretty much takes the cake. The New York Post reported on Vogue's annual holiday party, revealing some rather juicy details about the shindig. Not least of which: the famed editor Anna Wintour wraps her Christmas presents in designer paper. Her designer brand of choice? Marni.

One of Wintour's now-famous assistants, Rey-Hanna Vakili, shared photos of the wrapping paper, and we have to say, it's as gorgeous as you would expect. Keep scrolling to see the paper, and decide for yourself!

What do you think of Anna Wintour's designer wrapping paper? Tell us in the comments below!

Meghan Blalock
Managing Editor

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