Why Ankle Boots Are Actually the Perfect Going-Out Shoes

Lots of women reach for high heels when they're dressing for an evening out. But today, we're challenging this favored style by showing you how a pair of ankle boots, which can help create height, is a tad more comfortable and works just as well for a going-out ensemble. Intrigued? We're sharing seven incredibly stylish looks you can easily replicate the next time you're wearing one of your favorite dresses.

From a casual midi-length option and a playful party dress to laid-back options you can dress up with the right boots and simple LBDs, here are dress-and–ankle boot combinations to try this upcoming season. This can be a tricky trend to nail, so make sure to keep reading to see how you can wear your favorite ankle boots with dresses, and let us know how you pull off the combination using the hashtag #WhoWhatWearing.

Look 1


David X Prutting/BFAnyc.com

Why it works: Take a cue from Candice Swanepoel and dress down an alluring frock with a pair of suede ankle boots. This look is proof that even the fanciest gown pairs well with heeled booties.

Look 2


NCP/Star Max/GC Images

Why it works: Copy Alexa Chung’s trick by pairing a fanciful minidress with tall ankle boots. This styling adds a tough element to the romantic dress.

Why it works: Tight sock boots are the perfect complement to a flowier dress. Not only does this look elongate your legs, but it also adds an edgy element to the look.

Why it works: Try Jessica Stein of Tuula Vintage’s look by grounding a loose, breezy dress with edgy, open-toe shoes. Add a denim jacket to finish off this look.

Look 5


Timur Emek/Getty Images

Why it works: Chiara Ferragni’s lace-up combat boots act as the perfect foil for her strapless dress. Mixing hard and soft, Chiara's style is the perfect way to incorporate some menswear inspiration into a going-out look.

Look 6


Timur Emek/Getty Images

Why it works: Gigi Hadid proves that this style works for every type of dress. Styling pointed-toe ankle boots with a sweet midi dress makes for a cool contrast. 

Why it works: These chunky combat boots offset the sweet style of the slip dress, working together to create a well-balanced look. Throw on a leather jacket to add a bit more edge.

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