23 of the Best-Selling Dresses at Zara Right Now

Best-Selling Dresses Zara


Courtesy of Zara

If you're Zara-obsessed like I am, then this might not be news to you, but in case you aren't aware, Zara's website has a "best sellers" section, where the product that is currently selling extremely well is grouped together in one place. Including everything from shoes to coats, it is here that the retailer identifies the most popular product of the moment to give its customers a true pulse on what is trending at any given time. Today, we decided to take a look at all of the best-selling products and were wowed by the number of dresses that made the cut. 

Apparently, even in the dead of winterZara shoppers are expressing a lot of interest in dresses, from sequin minis to sweaterdresses and back again. Curious which styles made the cut? Ahead, we have shopped out some of our favorite dresses from Zara's best-seller section for you all to see. Surely no matter what occasion you're shopping for, there is a dress that fits the bill in the selection here. 

A holiday dress for the books. 

A poplin minidress always looks great with tall cowboy boots.

This is the kind of printed dress you can layer with anything. 

Wear this one to the office and beyond. 

This romantic goth look is a vibe we're trying to copy. 

Slits like this were basically meant for showing off your chic thigh-high boots. 

One more sweet but goth look for good measure. 

Please note the crystal necklace layered on top. 

Finally, a sweaterdress for cool girls. 

This looks like a top and a skirt, and that's what we love about it. 

Chunky boots make this dress feel a tad less frilly. 

Throwing a sweater over your shoulders is an easy way to make even the most basic of dresses feel fresh.

Introducing the definition of a dress that looks expensive but isn't. 

Because one can never own too many sequin dresses. 

For those days when you want to look nice but feel comfortable. 

Pair this with tights and knee-high boots for an easy winter-ready look.

All you need now are the square-toe boots to match. 

Simple enough to style in every which way. 

We're really into belting things these days.