Here's How I'm Shopping 3 of My Favorite Winter Trends

Best Winter Trends on Amazon


Sandra Semburg

If you want to peek into the mind of a fashion editor, all you need to do is look at my browser history and see how many times I’ve searched “black boots” + “[Insert name of It girl]” + “today’s date” to find a specific outfit. Or just check out how many times I’ve commented on celebrities’ social posts, asking for outfit details. But now thanks to Amazon's StyleSnap tool, getting the look has never been easier.

Let me give you some background: On Amazon StyleSnap, I can upload a picture of something and Amazon will curate a list of products from its site that look similar. In case you needed some inspiration, I recently added a few shots to the app featuring winter trends I’ve been loving lately—chunky boots, blazers, and top-handle bags—and I’m obsessed with what I found. Want to see some of the best matches? Keep scrolling.

Chunky Boots

At this point, chunky boots are an absolute must-have, and it doesn't matter what you prefer. Lace-up, lug sole, Chelsea, knee-high—they're all in style. 

These are those perfect go-with-everything-in-your-closet type of boots.

The platform combat-style boots that will give any outfit just the right amount of edge.

My fear of getting white boots dirty can't get in the way of me buying these.


Blazers have come a long way. They don't just mean strictly business anymore, now they're so on-trend, I feel like I can wear them with anything. Over biker shorts? Way cool. With ripped-jeans and boots? Absolutely. 

I love a classic-black blazer that can go with everything you own.

I'm very into long blazers. Plus, plaid is never a bad call.

Tweed is that fabric that will instantly make your outfit look more expensive. 

Simple yet easily brings a whole look together.

Top-Handle Bag

These days, when I see a bag with a top handle, it's an instant contender. Something about the style just screams elevated.

The gold buckle is a great touch.

I'll never pass up something with a good mock croc.

I knew I was into two-toned designs, but three-toned definitely takes the cake.

The mock croc makes this bag look three times the price.

Ready to shop? Save this handy how-to and log into your Amazon app to get started.