How a 30-Something (Me) Shops Amazon for Clothing

how to shop on Amazon for clothing


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I recently revealed my Zara shopping strategies post–age 30 and now I'm taking on another extraordinarily popular shopping destination: Amazon. While Amazon isn't exactly as much of a youth-oriented site as Zara is, I have found that since my 20s, I've undoubtedly honed in on the best methods for shopping for clothing on Amazon. Obviously, anyone of any age can and should shop wherever they want, but this is simply a guide to how I use the e-tailer to build my post–age 30 wardrobe.

Given the massive amount of inventory to shop on Amazon, it's certainly easy to feel overwhelmed (I was recently reminded of this when it took me 20 minutes just to order a new shower curtain). But there are many reasons Amazon is poised to be the number one retailer in the U.S. by year's end, one of which is its acute focus on fashion. And if you know how to navigate it, you too may soon find your new favorite pair of jeans or flats the next time you put that Prime membership to use.

Read on for my best tips and to shop some of the Amazon goods I have my eye on.

I Read the High-Quality Reviews

You've probably noticed that Amazon shoppers love to leave reviews, with some items racking them up in the thousands. That said, many of those reviews can be vague (or even fake), so I stick to the ones that contain specific details about sizing, quality, and fabric. You can even filter the reviews using key terms, which has proven to be a useful tool.

Shop Pieces With Helpful Reviews

Available in sizes S to XXXL. 

I Price Check

Whenever I see something I'm interested in on another site and I know the brand is one that Amazon stocks, I check to see if it's selling it for a better price (oftentimes, it is).

Shop Items That Are Often Cheaper on Amazon

I Stock Up on Basics, Denim, Lingerie, and Accessories

These are the key categories that I always shop Amazon Fashion for in my 30s, as they happen to be what it excels in. It will never not be gratifying to find a pair of It sunglasses for a great price on Amazon and receive it in just two days.

I Use the Filters

Amazon filters are my friend. The e-tailer has clearly worked hard to ensure that the filters actually narrow the offerings down to exactly what a particular shopper is looking for, and I've found plenty of gems thanks to them.

Shop Some Gems I Found Using Filters

I Bookmark the Contemporary and Designer Section

Most of the brands that I gravitate toward can be found in Amazon Fashion's Contemporary and Designer section, so I bookmark it for easy shopping access it.

Shop Pieces From the Contemporary and Designer Section

Available in sizes XS to XL.

I Check My Shopping Cart Often

Since Amazon prices fluctuate frequently, I add the pieces I have my eye on to my cart and make a habit of checking back to see if the prices drop. I can't explain exactly why the prices on some items rise and fall, but they indeed do.

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