Wow, I Can't Believe These 30 Items Are Under $100 on Amazon Prime Day

I rarely buy anything full price. So as you can imagine now that it's Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, I am getting ready to shop like you've never seen. This is the time I stock up on all of my favorite forever purchases like the Anastasia Brow Powder I swear by or all of the Laneige products I can't live without or my favorite pair of Levi's jeans. Yep, you can shop all of those items on Amazon, and for two days only during the Prime Big Deal Days, they're marked down. Once I knew I only had two days to snag everything I had my eyes on, I figured why not make it easier on you all? I'm sharing my list of 30 Amazon Big Deal Days finds that are items I not only love but also highly recommend you get your hands on while they're on sale. 

Keep scrolling to see which 30 under-$100 Amazon Prime Big Deal Days items I'm shopping first. 

My holy-grail lip balm down to $12. 

I always wait until Amazon is having a sale to get my Levi's. 

I'm always looking for a defense broad-spectrum SPF with no white cast, and this one is perfect. 

The perfect fall/winter little black dress. 

I use this brow powder every day; it's that good. 

Now this looks way more expensive than it is. 

One of L'Occitane's most popular products for a reason. 

I always think an earring set is a good idea. 

I love a good body-con romper or jumpsuit. 

If you're into having perfect brows, this product is for you. 

I've been a fan of the Glow Kit since it first came out a few years ago.