Stylish Women in Milan Would Be All Over These 29 Prime Big Deal Days Finds

While I'm just as inspired by French style as the next person, it's the cool polish of Italian style that's really all I can think about at the moment. While their French counterparts may have minimal and effortless style down pat, Italian women seem to possess a natural glamour about them that I find just as intoxicating, if not more so. Growing up in an Italian American household, I was surrounded by great style at every turn. My grandmother and aunts were always dripping in gold jewelry 24/7, and my interest only magnified after studying in Bologna and getting firsthand immersion. Suffice it to say that Italians' particular brand of elevated glam has always inspired me.

Since shopping is just what I do, I thought it would be fun to put my knowledge of Italian style to use and imagine the types of fashion items they would put in their carts when shopping on Amazon. With Prime Big Deal Days in full force, there's a dizzying number of epic deals to take advantage of, so if you're anything like me and want to shop like a chic Roman or Milanese, then you're in for a treat because the e-tailer is home to tons of Italian style staples right now.

Behold—the ultimate guide to shopping Amazon like a true Italian fashion person. Ciao, bella!

This is a must no matter where you live.

It's all in the name: This skirt conjures images of '50s-era style icons.

Italians rarely wear flats—they're fans of the easy elegance of kitten-heel pumps like these.

This dress was made to be worn while drinking Chianti and eating pasta pomodoro.

So much more stylish than your average tank top but just as easy to wear.

What Italians wear instead of jeans nine times out of 10.

Everyone will think this is a cool vintage find, and you should let them.

This is deceivingly comfortable because it's made from Beyond Yoga's super-soft fabric.

Drape this over your shoulders atop a trench or blazer if you know what you're doing.

It's hard to find an LBD that's easy and cool, but this does both.

Wear these with pumps and a sheer skirt like a true Miu Miu girl.

Boring shoes are something Italians know nothing about.

Easy tailoring is an absolute must.

Dress it up with trousers or down with jeans.

White suiting always looks so crisp to me.

It's impossible to look anything other than polished in this.