What a Former Vogue Creative Director Would Buy From Amazon

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Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue

Pictured: Sally Singer

You've probably noticed that Amazon has become more and more invested in fashion over the years, and as proof, it added some serious fashion street cred to its team with the hiring of Sally Singer last fall. Singer is Vogue's former creative director and now serves as head of fashion direction for Amazon Fashion, proving how dedicated the mega-retailer is to building up its name as a go-to player in the industry. 

Singer recently gave a spring trend report that we editors were fortunate enough to be privy to, and we'd be remiss not to share some of her expertise with you. She stressed the importance of optimism in fashion right now, saying "When we dress in a way that's bold, lively, and engaging and new and directional and we go on the street looking that way and everyone smiles a little bit more, we move forward as a community, as a world. That's how new ideas happen. So dressing in a majestic way is not a shallow act. It's an important act." Singer went on to name six noteworthy trends that she's seeing (and predicting), and naturally, they can all be purchased from Amazon. So as we do, we found them for you. Keep scrolling for the inside info and to shop them all for your yourself.



Saturated Color

Saturated color trend



Singer recommended wearing saturated hues—such as blueberry, plum, lemon, banana, and peach—from head to toe along with mixed prints this season. 


The voluminous trend is bigger than ever (literally). Singer recommends full trousers, even bigger house dresses, and softly tailored jackets for spring.

Zoom-Wardrobe Replenishment

Zoom wardrobe



As many of us continue to conduct business via Zoom, waist-up dressing continues to be important. Singer recommends adding striped knits, hair accessories, fun earrings, and pieces with interesting shoulder details to your existing Zoom wardrobe.

The Classics

Amazon spring shopping



In this day and age, classic pieces with lasting value are of utmost importance, according to Singer. She recommends investing wisely and carefully in heritage items you'll get lots of wear out of, such as Levi's denim and Carhartt trousers.


Without vacations and fancy dinners to spend money on over the past year, Singer said that people are investing in more jewelry. She advises shopping for both silver and gold pieces.

Outdoor Life

Outdoor life fashion trend 2021



Since so many activities take place outdoors these days, Singer says that clothes you can move in are key. Think tracksuits, denim jumpsuits, printed jeans, easy dresses, and cool sneakers. As she puts it, "We live in daylight, so we have to dazzle in daylight."

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