21 Amazon Fashion Items in NYC Girls' Carts

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New York City women know good style. That's purely a fact we've come to accept. Maybe it's the perpetually unknown weather or the fact that walking everywhere is inevitable, but the East Coast city is filled with so many stylish residents that we can't help but be curious about things like their key wardrobe essentials and what they're shopping for this fall.

Our curiosity goes so far as to lead us to another shopping destination we all shamelessly shop: Amazon's fashion section. We asked a few of our favorite NYC girls to share the items that can be regularly found in their Amazon shopping carts. From the perfect workout pieces to the most eye-catching accessories, their buys are equally as stylish as they are (not that we're surprised). Keep reading to find out about their must-have Amazon items, and then shop their picks.

Amazon fashion fall shopping



"I love Penny's boutique for the velvet scrunchies. I have them in almost every color and print, but special favorites of mine are the animal prints like leopard and zebra. Also, these Maribou heels—they're the perfect height for a klutz like me. Ellie's also has some serious six-inch stompers, but I can't deejay or run down my five-flight walk-up in those, so this is a great compromise." — Amrit Sidhu

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"I never thought I'd say it, but I'm really loving bike shorts at the moment—for the summer, they've pretty much replaced all my leggings for workouts, errand-running, etc. These look super sleek and supportive with the high-waist cut, and they're under $20. It's a win all around." — Gina Marinelli

Amazon fashion items NYC girls love



"A few pieces I look for on Amazon are bathing suits. Surprisingly, they have some great bathing suits for amazing prices. Also they have really cute sunglasses, like the cute vintage ones with the small lenses. And lastly, I search for nylon track pants on the site. They have tons of Nike track pants. With fall right around the corner, I'll be stocking up on them soon." — Danielle Leguillou

"I love to update my denim for each season, and there's no easier way than through Amazon. I'll be adding at least a new pair of jeans and a jean jacket to my wardrobe very soon." — Nicole Akhtarzad

Amazon fall shopping



"I love Amazon for fun inexpensive accessories. I usually go for the crazier 'trend' pieces that I want to have fun with but don't want to invest in. I love these colorful glasses. Cool for a look and for $13, I can get all the colors." — Kellie Brown

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"I recently cut my hair and have no idea what to do with it. Since I'm running around all day in the city and rarely have time to stop home, I've been wanting something to put in my hair when the day has essentially worn it down. These cute rhinestone barrettes will do just the trick." — Lauren Eggertsen

Amazon fashion finds NYC girls love



"I love ordering Hanes white tank tops in a multi-pack on Amazon. It's so easy to just click, and I know a size small fits. They're the best basics—so good alone in the summer, or layered under a sweater in the winter. Honestly too good to be true." — Bianca Valle

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