21 "Cheap Thrills" I'm Buying to Give My Closet a Quick Refresh

No matter how many times I hear the phrase "investment shopping," it somehow never resonates. While, in theory, I'd love to pause my shopping habits for a bit and save up for something special, I'm really more of the need to have it now type of shopper. As in, if I come across something and instantly fall in love with it, there's no question about whether or not to hit "order." Impulse shopping has a bad connotation with buyer's remorse, but in my mind, there's no such thing when the price of my happiness is so affordable.

Curious to see which "cheap thrills" are currently making me over the moon? Below, I'm sharing 21 of the cheap fall clothes I'm shopping to quickly update my wardrobe. I mean, who wants to go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe for the season ahead? Certainly not me. I like to think of the following buys as easy ways to get more creative with what I already have, like a fun going-out top that's made to be worn with jeans or a versatile dress that does the work for you. Ahead, shop 21 of the affordable items I'm buying to quickly update my wardrobe and ready it for fall.

Now you have 21 easy, affordable ways to update your wardrobe too.