The 9 Under-$25 Loungewear Items I Couldn't Have Survived 2020 Without



While I am thrilled that this year is coming to an end, I also can't believe that I spent most of it indoors. As I reflect on everything from my mental state to my wardrobe this past year, I realized that there were a handful of items that I don't know if I could have survived 2020 without. Naturally, every item is a loungewear essential. I don't know about you, but sweats, tees, and slippers were pretty much the only items in my wardrobe that saw the light of day this year, and the 9 items ahead are the select few that did almost all the heavy lifting. 

It just so happens that all of my favorite loungewear items this year were from Amazon with each ringing in at less than $25. Does it get much better than that? I really don't think so. Featuring the colorful array of crewneck sweatshirts that always made me smile and the bras that have me forever questioning the existence of underwire, I have a feeling you'll find this shopping list ahead quite useful. 

1. Colorful Crewneck Sweatshirt

I actually bought this sweatshirt in one too many colors, but this blue hue is my favorite. I find that even on the days when I can't seem to change out of my sweatpants (i.e. most days), this bright color makes me feel somewhat put together. Don't ask me how—I don't make the rules. 

2. Gray Sweatpants

By now you've probably noticed that I clearly like buying men's products on Amazon. I find that the fit reads a tad cooler and always gives me that oversize look I tend to go for. These sweats are cozy, affordable, and go with the obnoxious array of colorful crewneck sweatshirts I have recently acquired. 

3. Sports Bras

Is anyone wearing real bras anymore? Because I certainly am not. Instead, I have semi-permanently switched to wearing these comfortable bralettes under pretty much everything. I can wear one of these all day and I don't even notice them. 

4. Slides

I truly have not stopped wearing these lightweight slides since the beginning of summer. The only difference now that its winter is that I wear them with socks. These shoes are comfortable, go with all of my loungewear, and are ten times better than wearing my furry slippers outside. 

5. Men's Button-Down Shirt

Again, I prefer buying the men's version of this particular shirt style, but you certainly don't have to. If I ever need to look sharp for a last-minute meeting, I always throw this on. Add a cute chain necklace and I can be Zoom-ready in seconds flat. 

6. Tank Tops

Whether I am layering these underneath my sweatshirts or sleeping in them (because yes, I do that) these basic tanks have come in handy so much this year. I also love wearing them with a sweater draped around my shoulders—another go-to Zoom look I love. 

7. Yoga Pants

Thanks to the fashion trends started by Gen Z, yoga pants have officially entered the chat and honestly, thank God. When I'm going for a look that just doesn't look good with regular leggings, these are my answer and again, thanks to the generation beneath me, I happen to look extremely trendy while wearing them. 

8. Fuzzy Slippers

These really don't need an explanation beyond the fact that I wear them 24/7 around the house, they make me feel happy, and they are fun to pet. 

9. Tube Socks

I never feel like I am in full lounge mode unless I'm wearing socks and this Nike set somehow makes me feel cool even when I'm wearing the same sweatpants I've been wearing for the past three days.