Winter Is Coming: 6 Loungewear Trends That Are Promising to Be Huge

winter loungewear



In case you hadn't heard for the zillionth time, winter is basically here, and with a new season comes a brand new round of trends. As always, we've got you covered with everything from dress trends to jean trends and boot trends, but this season, loungewear continues to be top of mind for us, and I'm delighted to introduce three emerging trends that are just as lounge-worthy as they are chic. 

Don't get me wrong—we'll always have a place for classic sweatsuits, but if you, like me, are feeling fatigued of wearing the same joggers over and over while chilling at home, then look no further to the comfortable loungewear edit I've put together for all your winter needs. From the shoe trend that stands to replace our standard slippers to the expensive-looking knit sets that are dominating our feeds right now, keep scrolling for six big trends to know.

Shearling-Lined Shoes

winter loungewear trends: shearling-lined shoes



Pictured: Tamara Mellon Roam Slides ($595)

Can we all agree that our house shoes are the ones getting the most wear right now? I've spotted a number of chic shearling and fur-lined slides and slippers that are the perfect balance of cozy and cool.


Cozy Cable Knit

winter loungewear trends: cable knit



Another day, another "grandpa" trend we love. Cable-knit sweaters (and sweater-vests, for that matter) are bubbling up everywhere we look, and the old-school texture happens to be just the think we want to hole up in all winter.


Silky Sets

winter loungewear trends: silky pajamas



Pictured: Sleeper Sizeless Pajama Set ($285)

Pajama-inspired dressing is that one trend that seems to always be coming back in style and I'm pleased to say that it's back again this season. And dare I say it's never been chicer. In a range of pretty colors and prints, these silky sets are exactly the kind of fancy loungewear that's sure to boost your mood without ever leaving the house (though you could easily dress them up for future outings).

winter loungewear trends: ribbed knit sets



Pictured: Simon Miller Wells Midi Dress ($198) and Cyrene High-Waisted Pants ($170)

I have such a soft spot for ribbed knits—they just look so elevated no matter what color or style they come in. Right now, lounge pant sets are what I'm seeing all over my favorite retailers. Offered in a range of fresh colors from chocolate brown to sky blue, meet the outfit you're going to want to wear in and out of the house.

Fun-Loving Fleece

winter loungewear trends: fun fleece



There's just something about a fleece jacket that makes me want to hole up in a snowy log cabin for the duration of the winter. You feel me? Well, clearly I'm not alone here because fleeces are getting plenty of fashion girl-approved updates right now, from bold prints to pretty ruffle details. Apparently, my Cabincore dreams have never looked cooler.

One-Step Jumpsuits

And now for the easiest lounge trend on this list, jumpsuits. Think about it, what could be better than a single-step outfit you can throw on and still look pulled-together? I'm seeing several sweatpant-inspired jumpsuits trending, including this pretty one from our very own Who What Wear line that I just added to my closet.

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