23 Cult-Favorite Beauty Products I Was Surprised to Find on Amazon

Cult Amazon beauty products



I spend a lot of time scrolling through pages and pages of items on Amazon. Over the years since Amazon came to be (reminder that it once only sold books), more and more brands have flocked to the mega e-tailer. For us, this means a one-stop shop offering up everything from matcha to potting soil to brow pencils (AKA the current contents of my cart). One of the Amazon categories that's grown exponentially is—you guessed it—beauty products.

Lately, I've found myself more and more impressed with the beauty offerings, as I've come across tons of cult-favorite products that I, for one, never knew could be found among the extensive Amazon stock. I'm talking products from brands like Drunk Elephant, Olaplex, Tata Harper, and Tatcha. Let's get to it and fill our carts together, shall we? You know what to do.

This is Drunk Elephant's most popular product. And if you haven't tried it yet, I encourage you to. It's pretty much the perfect moisturizer and suits most skin types.

I recently started using this and wow—I know what the hype is all about. Even sensitive skin could handle this gentle exfoliating cleanser.

I predict Sunday Riley's newest product is on its way to being a cult favorite. This essence firms and brightens without stripping the skin.

I'm a firm believer that this is the world's best eyelash curler, so jump on it when it's in stock.

If you have sensitive and/or dry skin, this mask is a godsend. I always use it when I overdo it with the exfoliating and retinol, and my skin looks and feels better instantly.

This lightweight moisturizer's worth is proven by its slew of incredible Amazon reviews.

Pretty much everyone agrees that damaged hair doesn't stand a chance against this miracle treatment.

I'm dying to try this acclaimed wrinkle-reducing device.

I just started using this popular lash serum and am very impressed so far. 

This natural-looking, highly acclaimed concealer eradicates imperfections.

My go-to wintertime moisturizer, Dewy Skin Cream gets rid of flakiness and plumps your skin in one fell swoop.

Ouai's whole range of products is available on Amazon, but this leave-in conditioner really has shoppers talking.

I use this peel about once a week, and boy does my skin glow the next morning. Just be sure to follow it with a facial oil if your skin is sensitive—it really is powerful.

Pro tip: Apply this to lashes and brows for noticeable strengthening and growth over time.

I'm obsessed with this cleanser because it provides brightening exfoliation but is gentle enough to use twice a day.

Who What Wear's beauty editors rave about this. 

This fresh, clean fragrance has become a favorite among non-perfume wearers and perfume devotees alike.

If you're looking for a gentle yet effective balm cleanser, look no further than this five-star favorite.

It may be a splurge, but this clean face oil has a lot of buzz right now. Its cocktail of nourishing oils do a number on wrinkles.

I've sworn by this holy-grail brow pencil for years, and I'm so glad I can get it on Amazon now (so are 9.8k others who left reviews).

I hear that this brightening serum is great for those with acne (and/or acne scars).

Now that I'm in my mid-30s, I've been looking for a heavy-duty eye treatment. I love that this one contains retinol.

Unfortunately, the color range here is small, but if one of these shades works for you, I hear that it makes you look like you have perfect skin.

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