I Went Down an Amazon Rabbit Hole, and Now I Want These Chic Early Fall Items

I try my very best to not have to go to stores when I need something, and Amazon makes it very easy to accomplish that. Even though I really love to shop, this includes clothes. While most of my Amazon purchases are pretty functional (lightbulbs and vitamins, here I come!), it's hard not to find yourself being drawn to the plethora of fashion items from time to time…

I've been in major fall shopping mode as of late (I think it's my coping mechanism for dealing with this August heat), and my current Amazon cart really reflects that. Specifically, it's filled with basics such as cardigans, turtlenecks, jeans, and more. If you didn't realize that Amazon has lots of chic items for fall, I'm happy to fill you in. Below, feel free to shop a few piece that I have a hunch you'll wear a ton this fall.

Almost every fashion girl I know wears this style.

This is perhaps not the most exciting thing to order, but you'll wear it a ton.

The perfect thing to wear with your jean.

So many good fall outfits start with this coat.

I already own this one and can confirm it looks expensive.