My Summer Style Looks So Expensive Thanks to These 31 Cheap Amazon Finds

Summer is my favorite season. I love the beach, I love the vibe, and I certainly love the clothes. From the over-consumption of swimsuits to the fun accessories that only make sense when it's more than 75 degrees out, I am fully on board with all the sartorial goodness that the summer season brings. While I wish I could splurge on all the latest and greatest designer goods in existence (always), I actually tend to rely on Amazon for some of the trendier and affordable items on my list.

Surprisingly enough, some of my most recent Amazon purchases have resulted in a summertime wardrobe that looks triple the price. If you're not used to shopping for stylish pieces on Amazon, that previous statement might come as a bit of a shock, but the list of 31 items below will allow you to see what I mean. There are so many cheap thrills on that site that truly look anything but, and as someone who continually gets asked where I bought certain items either IRL or via Instagram, I can assure you the assortment here will have you looking like you really splurged on your summer wardrobe, even though you bought it all on Amazon. I won't tell if you won't? 

These sarongs make any swimsuit look 10 times more expensive. 

Pack up your beach-day necessities in style. 

If you don't own an oversize button-down by now, you're doing something wrong. I said what I said. 

Have no bad hair days with these clips. 

Something about this color always looks really expensive to me. 

Buy a bag you can take everywhere this summer without stressing about the wear. I promise you that you'll wear this every day. 

I put this anklet on in June and haven't taken it off since. 

Belly chains are another fun accessory that instantly up your swimsuit game. 

I find brown swimsuits make for really chic vacation looks. 

Just do yourself a favor and buy these in black and in white. 

There are endless ways you can style this dress. 

Lounge pants that look so elevated. 

Once again, this color gets me every time. 

Silky printed scarves are currently one of my favorite summer accessories. 

When I want "rich mom" energy, I wear a baseball hat with a blazer. 

These simple heels will go with everything in your suitcase, I promise. 

A three-piece set always packs a big punch. 

If you're anything like me, you could use a new white T-shirt (or two). 

Sometimes, a pair of sleek black flip-flops are all you need. 

These knit tops are shockingly good. Good luck choosing just one color.