10 All-Black Outfits I'm Already Planning for Fall

In case you haven’t already heard, I’m pretty excited for fall. No, I don’t necessarily want summer to end any time soon, but the influx of new autumn-ready arrivals to all my favorite websites, coupled with the idea of wearing a sweater somewhere other than my air-conditioned office, is giving me feelings, and I just can’t help it. After all, it’s truly one of the most pleasant seasons when it comes to weather, and the fashion is simply unparalleled.

I’ve already gone on about the boot brands I’m backing, the trends I’ll be wearing, that which I won’t be wearing, and more, so I figured today I’d sound off on the all-black outfits I just can’t wait throw on (almost) every day next season—because what’s better than wearing all black? If, like me, you know that the answer to that question is nothing, just keep scrolling to get started and, of course, shop the looks along the way.  

A black leather trench will look good over any outfit but is especially sleek with a turtleneck and trousers. 

Remember the maxi trend? Keep it going for fall by throwing a blazer over your dress or skirt.

There's a reason they call jumpsuits one and dones.

I think the black sweatshirt, jean, and ankle boot combo is the most-used outfit in my wardrobe.

I'm going to have to start wearing my miniskirts with strappy heels before fall even comes.

A silky dress and flats is the perfect simple outfit to complement the oversize clutch trend.

I'm kind of obsessed with cargo pants right now—story coming soon on that—and I think they'll look even better paired with fall tops and shoes.

Something about this combination of basics just looks so polished. 

Sneakers and leather pants are the cool girl's answer to casual fall dressing.

Sick of your old slip dress? Give it a new life by layering a cropped sweater over it.

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