The Fashion Set Continues to Embrace This "Boring" Outfit Formula

Eva Chen Street Style



It doesn't take a celebrity stylist or a fashion historian to know that an all-black outfit is the style formula to end all style formulas. Other than its sheer simplicity and effortless cool, it just looks right every single time. With the end of coat-free days and short shorts looming, I figured a refresh on how to pull off this tried-and-true outfit combination was in order.

We've seen an abundance of trends come and go this season, but if there's one thing you can count on, it's spotting an all-black outfit on a fashion person's feed. Some may consider it boring, but like most things, it's all in the approach. Among the best ways I've recently seen tastemakers interpret it is mixing up a palette of contrasting textures: leather and knits, plissé and structured blazers, or slinky satin and denim. And don't forget to throw in a conversational accessory for good measure. Below, I've laid out 10 all-black outfits already saved on my hard drive to try out this fall. Keep reading to see them all for yourself.



Does an outfit exist that combat boots can't instantly make better? Not according to me. Sleek sunglasses and chunky boots transform a pretty dress into a look with an edge.

Take a page out of the fashion-person playbook, and lean into leather to create contrast. Bonus tip: wear a dramatic choker with your tube tops to elevate it from basic to bougie.

Monochromatic dressing is only boring if you let it be. My strategy includes going for eclectic basics that feature a strong detail—e.g., one-shoulder sleeves, side ruching, or cutouts—to jazz up a simple pair of pants or a skirt. These mind-blowingly cool A.W.A.K.E. Mode heels don't hurt either.

I recently bought a few oversize blazers from H&M for the fall, and now, I'm rushing to re-create this look, stat. But the star of this entire look is the plissé pencil skirt.



Let's talk about how effortlessly sultry this sleeveless turtleneck looks. A cropped length is the difference between "office-ready" and "night on the town." 

For those committed to wearing all-black outfits, a loose-fitting structured suit is a must. While any kind of shoes will look lovely with this, casual slide sandals are a stylish, unexpected choice that breaks up the stuffiness of the suit.

Let this be your reminder: If you haven't invested in a vest suit set, now's the time. It's the look of the season.



A dress as a top is one of my favorite styling hacks.

A cutout top is certainly one way to make an all-black outfit not "boring." Complete it with chic slit leggings.

This might be the chicest rainy-day outfit I've ever seen.