Hillary Kerr Interviews Aimee Song on Our Second Life Podcast


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Aimee Song is now an editor-favorite fashion blogger and best-selling author, but when she was growing up in Pasadena, California, she had other plans… After initially dreaming of becoming a lawyer (“I was arguing with everyone about everything,” she recounts), she toyed with the notion of designing cars before she went off to college at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, where she studied interior design, made ends meet by working retail, and began her interior design blog, Song of Style.

At the time, fashion blogging wasn’t really a thing, but she eventually realized her readers were equally as interested in the outfits she was putting together as they were the rooms she was designing, and she began to switch gears. After moving back to the Los Angeles area, she eventually got so much traction from her blog that she was able to concentrate on Song of Style full-time. Eventually she was traveling the world to attend runway shows, collaborating with some of the industry’s biggest names, and sharing her inside intel with her five million (and counting) followers.


As for what’s next? “I want to really change this community,” she says, adding that she’s also got another bullet point she’ll be adding to her impressive resume in the not-so-distant future: fashion designer. Head to iTunes to subscribe to Second Life and hear the rest of the interview and find out more…