My Mom Always Asks Me What’s On-Trend, So I’m Buying Her These 32 Chic Pieces



Since starting my career as a fashion editor, my mom has been privy to all of the trends I'm writing about on the daily— she checks my articles every day and texts me about them, like she's hanging up a report card on our family's home fridge. While we live hundreds miles away from each other now, we're more connected as ever, especially when it comes to fashion. Although my mother has an incredible sense of style and self-expression, she relies on my trained eye to spot trends from miles away. Whenever she comes to visit me in New York, naturally, she'll riffle through my recent purchases and ask me where I bought them so she could buy them herself. Instead of me going into her closet and stealing her clothing while I was in high school, the tables have turned— and frankly, I'm honored.

Now that mother's day is on the horizon, this year, I decided to curate a few outfits I know she'll love based on the spring trends we've both been writing about. While the gift isn't totally a surprise, the exact details of the outfit I'm picking out are— enter: Nordstrom's incredible roster of new arrivals, contemporary trends, and luxe basics I'm pulling together to make magic happen. From classic staples to daring printed dresses, these are the Nordstrom find we're both obsessing at over the moment. There's something for every price point, age, and style at Nordstrom— scroll below to discover it all. 

Every good outfit starts with a white t-shirt.

Instead of having her borrow my white sneakers, I'm snagging this pair that's a bit more elevated to fit her sophisticated taste.

High quality denim is always a great present.

She's not an average mom, she's a cool mom who loves bright colors.

Me and my mom can agree that cardigans are always a necessity for every spring outfit.

The micro heel on this pair of slingbacks is mom-approved.

I'm converting my mom into a silver girly.

My mom is into the sheer trend that's everywhere right now but wants something a bit more modest, and I know this will do the trick.

Seamless for running errands or going out for a girls night with her friends.

Adorable and affordable— can you ask for anything more?

Anyone can participate in the ballet flat trend with this comfortable pair.

My mom loves a good beach vacation, so I know she'd love these elevated slides.

We both love the delicate details of this boho cardigan.

Trust me: anyone can rock this incredible suede jacket.

We've both always loved timeless basics with a twist—and this ruffled Sandro shirt checks all the boxes.

The official shoe of cool moms everywhere.

We're both big cable-knit sweater gals.

She's already stolen this Rails jacket, so I'm getting one for her own closet.

A zip-up sweater is ideal for busy people looking to throw something on and still look cool.

My mom is lowkey obsessed with the preppy comeback as of late.

My mom loves stealing my Skims PJs when she comes to visit, so I know she'll be extra thankful for this celebrity-approved pair.

We both prefer tan blazers over black— go figure!