I Always Wear This Accessory When I Want to Feel Fancy

I’ve always thought of a really good watch as the gateway piece to a curated, chic wardrobe. Case in point: all the stylish girls I keep bumping into around L.A. That on-trend lady I stood behind as she ordered her double espresso this morning? Classic black-leather band, Roman numerals. The stylist I just had an appointment with? Couldn’t miss the luxe chain-link watch on her wrist.

My fellow editors are currently equally fanatical when it comes to cool timepieces, so I asked them to link me to their fave Timex style and share how they’re planning on wearing it this season. Here, see some really great fall outfits (can you tell we love jeans and blazers?) care of the ladies of Who What Wear and Byrdie—trust me when I say this is all the accessory inspo you’ll need this season.