The Under-$100 Summer Items I'm Telling My Most Stylish Friends About

On Lauren: Zara Open Knit Polo Shirt ($50); Susan Alexandra The Merry Bag ($245)

If we're being honest, no one really wants to spend a fortune on a trendy new summer wardrobe, especially me. Personally, I'd rather spend my hard-earned money on dinners with friends, seeing shows, and over-priced iced coffees in the middle of the workday. So is a $400 straw bag something that excites me? Not so much. Assuming a lot of you might agree with me, I decided to shop out the affordable summer items I'm buying instead, each of which rings in at under $100.

I'm not going to lie—I pride myself on finding on-trend items on a budget. After all, I am that one weird girl who is overly obsessed with Zara. Ahead, get ready to shop the affordable summer items that up until now, I was only sharing with my most stylish friends. Happy shopping!